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Day 5,827, 02:14 Published in Hungary Romania by KRATOS THE GREAT.

Hello dear readers,

I took my time to write this important article because I feel is necessary to inform you about the recent warfare situation.

So yesterday we AS-ed Croatia and because of this you had a unique chance to beat us. France RW-ed us too. We had 2 difficult battles at the same time, with prio over Cro battle (ofc we can't count France as difficult).

Everybody fought hard but some harder than others, some wanted more the victory (so to say) and the result was this one:

My favorite part was at the end of our battle when we needed just 5 points and had over 60% in the air, pushed D1, D2 and D4 and you chose to make a D4 epic... nice one! Oh, did I not mention you've just AS-ed Lithuania prior to that? We all thought you would focus there but... well... let's just say you were kind enough to gift Lith some rounds I guess.

Also I found this rare photo of the Hun HQ where your leaders discuss military strategies, wow, they are so into it, just take a look:

All in all it was fun to kick your ass once again! I would say the same about Cro but those weakling gave up the fight early... at least you fought till the end!

Oh... and good luck with Lith, you will need it, heard that Greenday did 80M in the air only yesterday. Saw some rounds won just by himself! Good luck with that!

Thanks for reading!

K R A T O S.
the king of entertainment