We have achieved something today: VIP Level 5

Day 5,908, 02:32 Published in Slovakia Hungary by taleum
It is a quick translation of my Hungarian article with different "view".

Who have clicked every day and not bought or received a Pack, can see this in the VIP Shop today:

So you can now choose from these items:

If you're wondering what you'll be able to buy here in the future and for how much, I recommend you to check the screenshot of the highest level achieved so far, with the support of Maximalus:

VIP level 8 - click here

How do I know if I missed a day?

Rezangyal's idea to calculate how many points you should have on a given day.
So we can check if there was a day when we forgot to collect points for that day.
Of course, this only works if we didn't buy anything for IRL money or game tokens, or received something like that as a gift.

The formula:
(today's number - 5882) * 200 + 900

If you're lazy to calculate, you can also follow till VIP Level 7 in this table:

That's it in short, if you still have questions, this article has a good chance of answering them.

You can buy some nice things in the VIP Shop

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