Day 5,938, 06:05 Published in Cyprus Cuba by Noah Ackermann
Good morning, citizens of DWARF, citizens of the eWorl😛

I assume you are aware of the latest developments regarding the conflict between eSerbia and eCuba, which has been resolved with the agreement published in the Cuban press, which you can read at the following link: link.

I will refrain from making personal assessments about the actions of the government of other nations. As a foreign citizen, I neither have the knowledge nor the authority to evaluate or judge another countries interests.

But as a citizen of eCuba, I do have knowledge of what we have had to deal with over the past few months. As some of you may already know, the eCuban resistance has long been facing off against a faction, initially led by a player who bought the account of Ernesto Che Guevara, only to later fall under the control of Stefan and become yet another one of his henchmen.

After MKD’s departure from Hydra, the few Lithuanian citizens who had relocated to eCuba left the country, and Stefan, in a desperate attempt to maintain his last possession, has moved his well-known bot farm from MKD to eCuba, barricading himself in a palace of shame. I invite you to check the approved CS list to know what I’m talking about:

From the Cuban resistance, we want to make it clear that all those who were involved in the previous situation, but have now abandoned Stefan and ceased to participate in his charade, will not suffer any further consequences. They will not endure any more medal drain, and their home countries will not face any issues in their normal TW gameplay. However, we want to make the next statements:

- Any Macedonians who retain Cuban citizenship and align with Stefan (from now on, considered cubadonians) will no longer enjoy the free farming they could have in their home country.

- We recommend that countries with small communities refrain from participating in TW’s with the current eCuba, as every effort will be made to hinder the normal progression of these events. What happened with the conflict with Serbia and the attack against DWARF is a clear example of how our invaders operate: threats and aggressions against small communities and astronomical retreats when a real threat approaches them. The responsibility is ours when it comes to deciding whom to deal with and whom to sign agreements with.

The Cuban resistance does not have access to citizenships or a functional congress, because our invaders conduct consistent cycles of dictatorship to monopolize all citizenships and then wiping Cuba with the support of another countries to make the congress disappear and reset the dictatorship’s determination. Before participating in these kinds of actions, would be wise to consider the message sent to the small communities of the game when big ones collaborate in these operations.

When massive alliances and numerous interests converge, solo governments seem incapable of making certain decisions without fracturing their own community and destroying it. This is why, from the Cuban resistance, we request the individual support of each and every one of you, as players, to participate with us in the liberation of Cuba from Cubadonians and in the sabotage of their TW’s indefinitely until Stefan and his gang abandon the island.

Don’t hesitate to meet us on Telegram.

Cubadonians, We are not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with us.