Returning taxes, financial missmanagement and jeopardizing our reputation

Day 5,990, 02:07 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Jozef Danko

Yesterday, as a president of Slovakia, I have contacted government of Turkey 🇹🇷 about returning their taxes we have collected on their territory. While I am still waiting for some details and confirmation from them, it will be for days 5949 and 5986 (included) with a total value of 1 025 449 cc. As our 3rd donation proposal was accepted, there is enough funds in Narodna Banka Slovenska to proceed with this transaction. All 3 proposals moved 1 200 000 cc, plus Ukraine 🇺🇦 had paid 228 823 cc for days 5952-5982 (included) of their control of our territory. Those money are not on the account of Narodna Banka Slovenska, but are currently on my personal account due to the way this game works.

Members of congress will have to get used to proposals of donation, as to be reliable and respected country, we will have to return taxes to their rightfull owners according to international agreements. As maximum value in donation is 400 000, we will have to make donations to Narodna Banka Slovenska every around 8 days for Spain 🇪🇸 and every 20 days for Turkey 🇹🇷. In fact, it will be little less thanks to our taxes returned from Ukraine 🇺🇦, but some cc can be also oused for creating gold reserves, although this is not a must.

Sadly, some players have decided to jeopardize our reputation and voted this way:

May we not be able to return taxes to their rightfull owners and keep them for ourselves, we would not be worth of any respect from other countries. I would of course not allow this to happen during my presidency, but Vacakacc, FLD1987, Bosszuallo, Credus, Kheodum and Nariii seems to not care about our cauntry and are ready to risk our reputation for some unknown reasons.

In the past, several countries have been controlling our provices to get training wars. Turkey 🇹🇷 have returned our taxes. They have decided to do so when I have been president (or dictator?) and money have been divided among both Slovak and Hungarian military units. This is the only case this happened. I have been told once, that we are not asking for taxes, because we can be happy, that at least someone wants to have TW with us. But as returning taxes is standard, this was a huge finacial missmanagement! And if it was not missmanagement and taxes were in fact paid, how were they used? Sadly, I am not able to find any explanation that would not be an incompetence of people governing uur country in the past, or theft.