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United Kingdom Royaume-Uni, North East of England
Citizenship: United Kingdom Royaume-Uni
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Anniversaire d’eRepublik Jul 21, 2023
National rank 138
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UK Reform Party Center-right
Pas d’Unité militaire
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Journal of Doctor SF
Newcastle upon Tyne
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T.R.S. T.R.S.
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The Unity Party The Unity Party
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UK Reform Party UK Reform Party
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Huey George
Workers' Rights Party Workers' Rights Party
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Mr Immanuel Kant
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Propositions de loi
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Proposée par DoctorSF
Propose😛 5,881 jour, 05:03 (il y a 9 minutes)
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" Proposal for a law to prohibit all financial organizations (bank accounts, trading or other) throughout the United Kingdom - including its offshore maritime zone having been accused at least three times in the form of filing a complaint with the British courts of fraud or attempted fraud of some individual or organization whatsoever."

January 2024 Parliament ThreadHuey George
Huey George ADoctorSF and 40 more people | il y a 4 heures#91208189
Hello all

Congratulations to those Congressional Members newly elected and to those who have retained their seats o/

As a reminder for the start of the thread our Current Congressional guidelines

Citizenship requests should only be approved following a 48 hour joint discussion and vote in favour. This begins after a report on the applicant is provided to congress or when there's only 48 hours left on the expiry of the application. The report will include anything found from basic checks of the applying profile and a statement from the applicant about reason for applying and if they have eUK contacts/sponsors.

If a debate requests a vote that cannot be done via the Country Admin module then:

- Two Congress sponsors in addition to the proposer are needed within the debating period to move it to a vote.

- That vote should not begin within the first 24hrs of the debate and will last 2 or 3 days (depending on size of debate).

- The voting period will be communicated at the onset of a vote.

The duties of the speaker should be undertaken impartially. Additionally, a Congressperson's status as speaker shouldn't be used to promote parties. Speaker elections can be held when a proposer has the required number of sponsors outlined above. A nomination period for speakers cannot open until at least 7 days have passed since the conclusion of the previous speaker election (RON is not considered a conclusion). Please respect the outcome of votes.

President's votes are not counted except for in the in-game proposals they are able to participate in.