Presidential statement on coup

Day 5,994, 06:33 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Jozef Danko

Dear citiziens of Slovakia and readers from abroad,

as a president of our small, but beautifull country, I am presenting you my statement on civil war in Slovakia.

Today, it is without 2 days, 900 days since an agreement between Slovaks and Hungarians living in Slovakia has been presented. This agreement was created thanks to the work of Sarma I. Mando. If we look at the comment sections under that article, or its hungarian version, you will see, that we are missing comments signalling agreement from Hungarians. There is probably only exception among those that have our citizienship: Arget (currently dead citizien). Many comments were deleted, probably as a sign, that these people have changed their mind. So it seems, agreement is dead.

Was this agreement useless? No. I believe, Sarma did a good work. Both communities had a chance to know each other and find some friendship. Alas, it now seems, that this friendship was often one-sided. At least, recent events shown this to us. Still, I believe I found some people among our Hungarians worth trust. Cautious trust, as many other have shown they are not worth it, but at least, we are not enemies. Sadly, these people seems to be a minority.

What have led us to civil war? There are several reasons of course. Maybe, as the first reason can be named that our Hungarians are not working for Slovakia. At least, not all of them. And probably, if any, only a minority of them. As can be seen, their loyalty belongs to Hungary. They are playing for Slovakia, but not to make Slovakia a good place to live. They are here to keep Slovakia as a puppet of Hungary. And it can not only be seen from their actions, but also from the words of leadership of Hungary, which also calls Slovakia their puppet. And this is happening for many years. If anyone wants to live with us to help us build this country, he is welcome. But if you want to live here to help other country, then go home and try to play fair. Not by living here and getting votes by creating these multies:

Damian General
prezident CSSR

and probably many more...

Of course, these are not the only reasons. Last few days were hard. But still, despite these problems, we should have been cooperating at least on things that our country will benefit from and that are advantageous for both communities. This is mostly about returning taxes to Turkey to keep our TW and good reputation of Slovakia. Then we saw, that many players have decided in a way, that if country should not be a puppet of Hungary, it should rather be destroyed and tried to sabotage process of tax returning. And these were Vacakacc, FLD1987 (I believe, he stopped playing and that his account is controlled by someone else), Bosszuallo, Credus, Kheodum and Nariii. Few exceptions, and it should not be forgotten that they went against their community for benefit of Slovakia are Zika majstor (I am not sure whether he is Hungarian), Pety (at first, he was against, but later he changed his opinion) and LinoHUN. Thank you. I would also like to say thank you to those, that have not supported us by voting, but at least have not tried to sabotage that process and steal taxes from our friends in Turkey.

What is also a problem is, that these people are hinting us, they do not even recognize Slovakia as a country. How to cooperate with people like that? If some of them recognize Slovakia as an independent country and want to live with us in friendship and coordination, I am happy to live with them. If not, I ask them to leave us alone and go home. You bave done trmendeous damage by destroying Slovak community in the past and if you are not sorry about it, then you are not welcome.

May Slovakia prove victorious in our fight, we will remain as neutral country.

I also ask all of the people that support our fight, please, even if someone opposes our coup, do not be hostile towards him if he does not deserve it by other means. After the war, we should keep our standard TW rules. That could be the base of new order in our country. Respecting each other can help us to build trust again and find a way how to live together and rebuild this country in a way to benefit all those that live here. Whether in real live he, or she is Slovak, Moravian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Albanian, Croat or of other nationality.