Peace letter to Hungarian community

Day 5,988, 22:54 Published in Hungary Slovakia by Nathan5

Yesterday I read few comments under Vacakacc article about our internal issues in Slovakia and I read there that Nathan hates Hungarians. This is not true.

There is almost 10 million Hungarians living (I bet many more, just a quick wikipedia) and I have very good friends among these 10 million people, with whom I interact on daily basis. I have IRL connections to Hungary and consider Hungary as very nice country, with Budapest as a beautiful city.
So generally I like Hungary and Hungarian people. Among these 10 million people, there is few people I have arguments, different opinions and we talk, sometimes we take planes and do a top gun stunts. But I dont feel hatred. On personal level I avoid to feel this negative emotion towards anyone. There are different opinions, viewpoints and also arguments, that can escalate into heated discussion. But not hatred. And definitely not towards whole groups of people or nation. That is something I truly despise to put all people into one box. On a personal level I hate war. This I can strongly say. But as we are inside simulation and this is not about building Hanging gardens or Colossus of Rhodes, we do many different things, like battles. Battles of opinions and battles with rockets.

So what happened that Vacakacc told you that I hate Hungarians? We have different opinions, I did not like what he did despite my strong warnings about certain political agenda in our country and he faced consequences in the air. Then he chose to react and hunting of planes begun in Slovakia yesterday. Many innocent casualties, he took several SH from our Training War partners sides, so they got angry. But we managed. Yes, this is place where these air fights happens. And also he is internationaly very famous, for his style of hunting. Causing lot of issues around that, many people in your government certainly know when other countries come to complain.

As there are many opinions between countries, there are many opinions inside nations. As for example now in Slovakia. With Jozef Danko, current Country President, we are friends, but also have different viewpoints on situation and how to handle certain tensions between slovak and hungarian community. I am no longer in Slovak Government because sometimes I am very vocal in things I dont like, things I consider wrong and I knew this would hurt Slovakia, so I stepped down. Jozef Danko is very good diplomat that cares also much about hungarian community in Slovakia. I also care, but I also say strongly when there are things happening that are detrimental for nation.

As one of my favourite author Paulo Coelho said : „Love everyone but never sell your sword“
I did not sell my sword and I am able to use it when I see that discussion is going to nowhere after many attempts of goodwill.

Yesterday was day when many tanks or planes were shot down. Minefields were everywhere. Vacakacc stole at least 10 medals yesterday, our citizens took also some reverse actions. For now, Slovakia battles could be dangerous because I dont know if we can end this dispute with Vacakacc on reasonable terms.

As everyone has free will and it is of utmost importance to care about free will of every human being, I cant tell you what to do, I can only suggest. We dont have many TWs. We dont have much slots, so please, it would be better if your community would use different countries Training Wars for farming, because we shoot down Romanians, Serbians but also Hungarians when they dont respect TW rules. And in this heated environment, many slovak citizens make retribution for Vacakacc stolen medals, so Hungary flag is also shot down, more than usual.

Also, you go with difficult time in your country, so I wish you good luck to hold together inside. That means also I wish you enough focus on your internal affairs and to make your country stronger and on international level I wish you enough perspective to be able to see further, beyond the heat of the day. There are friends waiting for you.

Have a nice weekend