Motion - Govt. Commune Investments

Day 4,075, 10:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Speaker of the House

Motion from cabinet, up for discussion for 24hrs from now. As usual, feel free to voice support, but a vote will be called separately after discussion period.

Congress to discuss a request to appropriate 100k cc country funds for investment and establishment of a UK commune. Please note that while discussion about the merits of communes is permitted, the vote/your responsibility will be for the allocation of funding.

Details as Presented
The scheme (two aspects) seeks to invest part of 100k of unused funds, expecting a steady return on such, where remittance is weekly. In the second, use of the remainder of the 100k fund in establishment of a commune which offers competitive rates and faster returns than the private market.

This scheme has been match funded by private investment which guarantees the government cannot lose any money.

There will be regular reports about the progression of this venture.

Proposed benefits of the scheme
- Using Idle money.
- Weekly profits for the Government.
- Wealthier citizens.
- Better sense of community and engagement.
- No chance of risk for the government.

Clarifications Provided
The investment can be reclaimed by the CP at any point, the commune side might take a month.

The private investment comes from players who require ongoing access to short term loans.

Address the MoE, in this article with any questions. As usual non-congress may voice an opinion, but it's down to availability if cabinet members choose to respond directly.