Lesson from the past - how to know your politicians are tools of other country?

Day 5,991, 13:39 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Jozef Danko

Dear readers,

I would like to present you one old screenshot. It is from beginning of october 2019. If I am not wrong, it was quite soon after I have returned back and started playing this game again. Real life Slovaks were minority in our own country and had no word about anything. And now, promised map:

What do we see here? Bratislava was recently conquered by Slovenia 🇸🇮. I had basically zero knowledge about international policy then, I just understood, that this was against wish of our government. So far so good, Slovenia 🇸🇮 was much stronger and our government maybe had no way to stop them.

Slovakia 🇸🇰 controls only one province - Central Slovakia. Eastern Slovakia is under control of Brazil 🇧🇷. We had training war with them. But as our citiziens from real life Hungary 🇭🇺 are unaware about returning taxes during friendly occupation, they were there probably for free. So basically, our taxpayers money went to the other side of Atlantic ocean.

Remaining core province is Western Slovakia. Who controls it? Yes, it is Poland 🇵🇱. Why is Poland there? They are certainly not shielding us from Slovenia 🇸🇮. The only possible explanation I can find is - they are here, because Hungary 🇭🇺 can have TW with them. Why to care about Slovakia 🇸🇰? Why to bother finding someone, from whose presence can Slovakia 🇸🇰 also benefit? And I am probably not wrong thinking, that taxes were not returned.

If I am wrong, who can correct me? And yes, if I am wrong, I will be happy to be corrected, although it is quite an old history, so maybe noone remembers. And who has been ruling us then? We had new president Bosszuallo. He was just a day ot two in office when I took this screenshot, so he was certainly not able to change much. He got this situation from his predecessor, DNSke. Maybe, he could bring some memories? But still, this was his only presidential term, so maybe he just went for medal and rulling person was someone else...

Hopefuly, there are some real life Hungarians in Slovakia 🇸🇰 that dislike the idea we should be just a puppet of Hungary 🇭🇺 and do whatever please our southern neighbor. We need to build independend country that will decide her future without orders from any other country. If people from other countries can live here and make Slovakia 🇸🇰 a better place to live, they are welcome. But if someone is here just to help other country, he should move to the country where his loyalty belongs.