From Bucharest, with f*cking love!

Day 5,776, 07:00 Published in Serbia Romania by KRATOS THE GREAT.

Yesterday evening Romania hosted a football match between our national team and a team formed by players from a certain region of Serbia, called Kosovo. As a true Romanian football fan, I know we play like s*it, but at least we can beat teams from some local regions like this. So I watched this game with much interest!

After about 20 mins into the game, the referee stopped the match! Everybody went to the cabins. The pitch... empty! Talks about breaking UEFA rules started between commentators. This is how my TV looked like for about 45 minutes:

OK, but what triggered all that? Violence, racism, nudity? Nothing of the sort.

Romanian football fans just wanted to show what they think and feel about this so called country and they displayed some banners as in this pictures I am posting here. They also sang "Serbia, Serbia, Serbia" minutes in a row. What's wrong with that?

I might want to remind UEFA that Romania does NOT recognize Kosovo as a country. The game was held in Bucharest. We did not booed their anthem as they did to us when we went in Pristina. Nobody was violent towards their team or fans. We just display what we believe is true, that Kosovo is Serbia!

What they are trying to do with this kind of things is 'educate' us in understanding that only what they say is right. There is no price high enough to make us stop believing in our core values!

Once again we show support for our Serbian brothers! We will never stop!
And let's all sing together: f*ck UEFA!

🇷🇴 👊 🇷🇸

Edit: In the end we beat the muterf*ckers 2-0 😂

Yours truly,
K R A T O S.