Events of the last few days

Day 6,009, 12:33 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Jozef Danko

Dear citiziens of Slovakia and readers from abroad,

in this article, I would like to inform you about events that happened during the last few days.

On 25th of April, we had some changes in government. Prime minister Sarma I. Mando and Governor LinoHUN have both been removed from their positions. I will not state reasons for this step publicly, except the case they would want to make it public. New Prime Minister is Martin Strecha and Nathan5 is again our Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Slovakia continues with policy of neutrality and this policy is bringingits good results. We have good number of training wars and in the near future, there will be likely more. Currently, we are training with Portuhal, Spain, Ukraine and Colombia. Due to the need to move to other province, there is a short pause in training war with Turkey, but pause of few days will result in a new training war with Greece. Growing number of our training partners is mostly result of hard work of Nathan5.

Recently, we also had dangerous crisis. Hungary attacked Western Slovakia without contacting us before. Later, as we have asked them for some details, they have responded they need to get region to have Congress, as they were going to loose all of their provinces to Serbia and USA. While we have tried to be friendly and generous, their president WasssDorong left Telegram chanell used for communication in the middle of negotiations. While heroine17, Prime Minister of Hungary, tried her best and even returned our taxes from Western Slovakia (she offered even taxes for their previous short occupation of Central Slovakia, but as we have got this privince back thanks to their presence there, we have allowed them to keep these taxes) for days 5998-6001 in sum of 16040. Sadly, despite her effort, Hungary still tried even to conquer Bratislava which we have started defending. These problems could have resulted in Serbia occupying both Western Slovakia and Bratislava. Still this has not happened, as Serbia first waited a bit, allowing Hungary to get their Congress and then took Western Slovakia sooner than Hungary would be able to conquer Bratislava. Then, they have returned Western Slovakia to us, for which they have our thanks. Sadly, WasssDorong is once again candidate in presidential elections of Hungary. May he win elections again, relations with our southern neighbor will continue to be difficult.

At the end of this article, I would like to ask you to avoid fighting in real wars. This applies mostly for government officials.

Jozef Daňko
president of Slovakia