Death of Diplomacy

Day 5,986, 18:24 Published in Greece Greece by Ministry of Press GR

In the ever-evolving landscape of international relations, diplomacy has long been regarded as the cornerstone of peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution. However, recent events have starkly highlighted the demise of this fundamental principle, as evidenced by the thwarted attempt of Greece to forge a Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) with Asteria, met with obstructionism by Bulgaria.

Greece, seeking to foster stability and cooperation within the region, extended a hand of diplomacy towards Asteria, proposing a NAP as a means to solidify peaceful relations. Asteria, open to the idea, expressed willingness to accept such an agreement, albeit subject to certain terms and conditions, which were being diligently negotiated.

Yet, amidst these constructive dialogues, Bulgaria emerged as an unexpected obstacle. Motivated by a fear of Greece potentially gaining access to gold and energy bars throughout training wars, Bulgaria intervened, expressing concerns that Greece might leverage such resources to their advantage in the future, possibly turning against them.

Undeterred by Bulgaria's apprehensions, Greece persevered in its pursuit of diplomatic channels, presenting alternative proposals to Asteria Headquarters. However, despite the urgency and importance of the matter, the response from Asteria Headquarters remained elusive, with 48 hours passing without a definitive answer.

The failure to secure a timely response underscores a troubling trend in contemporary diplomacy: the erosion of trust, communication, and willingness to engage in constructive dialogue. The death of diplomacy, once a beacon of hope for resolving conflicts and fostering understanding, now seems imminent in the face of political posturing, self-interest, and external interference.

In light of these developments, we announce the cessation of diplomatic efforts with Asteria. From this day forward, eGreece will no longer seek negotiations but will prioritize the well-being of our people above all else. We tried being accommodating and accepting the harsh reality that confronts us, but in light of Asteria's actions, we must now prioritize our own interests. We will actively seek ways to ensure the prosperity and security of our nation, but also take measures that may be detrimental to citizens and countries of the Asteria alliance.

This unprecedented show of hostility towards us will force us to take measures that were never our intentions, but regrettably, this is what it has come down to.

We mourn the loss of diplomatic avenues and the descent into hostility and distrust. However, we remain committed to defending the interests of our nation and will pursue all necessary measures to ensure the prosperity and security of our country.


Government of Greece