Danger For CP and Cabinet

Day 5,980, 15:21 Published in USA USA by Iamthedanger

Hello eAmerica,

My name is “IamtheDanger” and I am running for Country President for our beloved country for April 2024. I have been involved with the defense of our country for the past two years and have, along with the help of friends and allies, helped our country accumulate considerable victories on the battlefield, which have recently led to severe damage to Code’s membership roster.

I have the connections, both among our current and previous government officials, and our allies, to ensure that that America continues to be a dominant player in the game, while causing damage to our enemies. I plan to continue on our strategic trajectory in terms of Foreign Affairs, with no changes. I take pride in being an Asteria warrior, and we are an alliance that treats each other with friendliness and doesn't hesitate to help one another.

In terms of domestic affairs, I will initiate a food program funded by the Executive to help Americans get extra HP that they can utilize in battles. There will be a greater focus on media and keeping our citizens informed. The goal is to have an engaged and informed population that can help us win strategic battles.

To address the elephant in the room, I also want to talk about why I am running for Country President this month. I respect the efforts by various Country Presidents over the past few years to keep us engaged, and think that I have the traits and qualifications that will best serve our country for the month of April. I do not intend to run a negative campaign and wish my opponents best of luck.




Prime Minister - Shefutzu - RR

Minister of Defense - Henry William French - BSP

Deputy Minister of Defense - Ubuntu21 - SFP

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Herr Vootsman - RR

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Patanok - FED

Minister of Education - Stef40 - BSP