Current financial status regarding Asteria

Day 5,989, 11:54 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Jozef Danko

During the last sad days, some Hungarian players are coplaining about Asteria countries not paying taxes. So now, I would like to present facts. But at first, I have to mention, that this article deals only with financial, not diplomatic issues. Second ones are still problematic.

Until quite recently, Slovakia 🇸🇰 was pro-Code country which resulted in Asteria occupying 3 of our core provinces. One of these was conquered by Hungary 🇭🇺 and returned under our control. Of course, as they have controlled it shortly and quickly returned it, there is no need to ask them for paying taxes. Hungary 🇭🇺 by taking control of Central Slovakia and returning it to us helped not only themselves (which was clearly main motivation), but also to us.

Current state is this:

Ukraine 🇺🇦 controls Western Slovakia.
Serbia 🇷🇸 controls Eastern Slovakia.
Slovakia 🇸🇰 controls Andina (Colombia 🇨🇴).

During recent negotiaions with Ukraine 🇺🇦 (day 5987), they have rejected to return Western Slovakia to us, but we have agreed they will start paying us taxes. This agreement is valid retroactivelly, starting by day 5952 (not the first day of controlling our land, but considering our previous pro-Code stance it is very generous). The first payment was agreed for days 5952-5982 (included) with total sum of 228 823. As game does not allow to donate to organisations, they have donated these money to my account. These money are still there and I will soon use them to pay taxes to Turkey 🇹🇷.

Serbia 🇷🇸 is not paying taxes to us. And we are not paying taxes to Colombia 🇨🇴. Financially we benefit from this, as during the last 10 finished days (5979-5988 ), we have got 118 669 cc from Colombia 🇨🇴, while Serbia got 95 838 cc from us. Thus we are getting more than they are. Meanwhile, we have TW with Ukraine 🇺🇦, Colombia 🇨🇴 and Portugal 🇵🇹.

Considering, that just recently we have been fighting against them and many of our inhabitants still do, we cannot complain. From the point of view of finances, our situation with Asteria is good.