Changes to the Slovak hero rules - Part II

Day 5,990, 03:10 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by Vacakacc

Dear Readers!

As I mentioned in my earlier article, in the Slovak TW's Nathan5 introduced new rules, quoting his words:

We will hunt down anyone in holy Slovak air space.

Unfortunately they are doing so, with a few cases as examples, one is going on right now:
Maud Flanders, a Spanish TW partner, hit first but was hunted down mercilessly:

Unfortunately not the first example, previously also case of victimization of Spanish:

But to add a special twist, not only foreigners, but also Slovak citizens with each other, Regardless of the position of the wall!

I don't completely agree with this, but the majority accepted it.

Please take note of Nathan's rules!
It has become very dangerous to go for the hero in Slovakia!