Brief History of the eUK Congress and treaties on Northern Ireland

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A walk down memory lane or a history lesson depending on how old you are today. Our relationship with eIreland and arrangements for Northern Ireland are creeping back onto the agenda, so I thought I would directly address some disinformation spread by a tiny minority of eUK citizens concerning the NI RW allegedly being started in defiance of treaties/proposals signed by Congress.

Hopefully this also serves as a useful record on agreements surrounding the region to enable further debate on the topic, when the time is right.

There are two good reasons to compile this - factz are factz and despite going over the timelines of all this with those who spread disinformation on the topic, they continue to do so. Having a record and comment section to discuss serves a good purpose. Secondly, as stated, a run down of our treaties with eIreland and account of how those arrangements broke down historically may serve some purpose in figuring out the future of the region.

When dealing with disinformation spread on ‘Congress being ignored’ about NI, most of the relevant information all comes from the first half of 2021. Over three years ago - if you ask me it isn’t really relevant to now (duh!) but as disinformation has been repeatedly shared, and it specifically references treaties signed by Congress, we may as well be thorough and revisit the terms agreed between the Presidents and ten-member Congress all those moons ago.

The timeline of Gov and Congresses engagement with treaties on the NI question following the eUK’s near-wipe, then total-wipe in 2021, is as follows:

Jan 2021

The eUK is on the sharp end of a row with eIreland due to a perceived break in TW etiquette/agreements. My friend JiminyChristmas has negotiated something called the Bushmills Treaty to mediate this.

Trouble is however, brewing. No spoilers but this agreement does not last.

The treaty specifies that it lasts one month and needs to be re-ratified. All subsequent treaties and drafts of treaties are time limited to 2 months or 60 days. This is what was approved by the Governments and Congresses of the time, contrary to what has been described in recent months by some rogue elements of the eUK media.

(For some radically different views to what people hold these days, have fun reading some comments on the UK-published copy).

Feb 2021

As shown in the comments of the above treaty, Jiminy re-ratifies Bushmills for Feb-march 2021. That month, Jiminy was unable to complete his term, and a period of difficulty began.

He was not impeached, but by the end of the term, conflict with eIreland had began.

Mar 2021

Huey George ran for CP to fill the gap left by Jiminy. Days before the election conflict flared up because the re-ratification of Bushmills could not be agreed, as changes suggested by Ireland were not accepted.

By the end of March little has changed other than the eUK was part-occupied by eIreland and eSouth Africa, and a barebones Congress of 10 people was elected.

Over the course of March 2021, we were wiped.

April 2021

The situation in March being dire, my other friend Frixios of the Clyde was elected in April as someone whom it was thought may get us past the impasse with Ireland.

The opening diplomatic volley was quite muted and not well received by those in the comments.

Diplomatically, regional powers (CODE) brokering the deal insisted that the eUK and eIreland sign a treaty before moving to a business-as-usual TW arrangement. With the previous iteration of Bushmills having been rejected, a new deal had to be struck and approved by Congress.

A new deal was negotiated and approved by the ten-man Congress within ten days. You can read it here.

(Or again, if you like reading what people thought three years ago for nostalgia, the UK-published version is here!)

This treaty was crystal clear - eIreland would occupy Northern Ireland for two months. This what had been approved by Congress, by one vote. Rory tells me I was the deciding vote - I don’t remember that. But I do remember that the treaties were all time limited, and so the disinformation concerning ‘Congress agreements being ignored’ spread in recent months is exactly that - disinformation. In fact, you have to ignore the agreements in order to suggest they were still valid or relevant, they were all explicitly written to expire and this was a condition on which Congress approved them.

May 2021

Deja vu! Albeit Frixios is still lending a steadying hand as CP, as the treaty enters its second month, shenanigans give it a good old wobble, and relations broke down (again). With hindsight, it was not a great idea to sign a treaty that promised no conflict with Ireland, as in classic ‘old school erep’ style people were fighting all over the place, on both sides, and the eUK was accused of breaking the treaty (again).

This is reflected in passing within a statement by the CP candidate put forward at the end of May, my friend Yurigavin.

June 2021

Yurigavin is elected. The peace deal which was being propped up by CODE is set to expire on the 19th of June, and it is recorded as an aim to re-ratify it and keep it in existence.

This does not happen, there are no further articles on the issue.

July 2021

By now everyone is presumably sick of the situation, and eRep was in a period of decline. Consequently the issue vanishes into thin air. Regarding Northern Ireland, a don’t ask, don’t tell approach is adopted*. eIreland and NI are not referenced in manifestos. Creeping death sets in etc etc.

In July 2021 my friend Huey George is elected and beds in, as the eUK appears a bit down on its luck at this point - no more articles concerning treaties with eIreland or Northern Ireland are published until 2023. Not in the Foreign Office paper, not in the Ministry of Defence paper, not in the 10 Downing Street paper and not in Huey’s paper.

What we do get from July 2021 is Training War instructions that don’t reference NI - such as these. In other words, the issue is off the agenda and a culture of don’t challenge eIreland’s involvement in/control over NI emerges.

The ‘we do not bother talking to them’ approach was confirmed in 2023 by Sir Humphrey Appleby.

Feb - Aug 2023

By 2023 TRS and others had popped up, as several people who starting paying attention again during plague years. They thought eRep could be fun again amd were active and asking questions. Notably of course, Spygon. What becomes evident is that the eUK has had no say over/refused to pass comment on NI’s occupant for years by this point,and the fact it is a UK core has been ignored or forgotten as an inconvenient truth.

Conversation on the topic is sluggish and no substantial Congress debate is had, but several conversations were attempted and the circumstance described by Government was that the region is being left alone. Certain elements of the eUK’s Congress insist talking about NI is a waste of time, and at times are actively disruptive in conversations about it.

At this point several TRS members interested in the topic are also Cabinet members, and this report is published by the MoFA, Madacaion. It acknowledges the agreements on NI are ‘long-expired’, the first public reference to them in three years. This echoes comments made by Huey in Congress.

Sept 2023

Some answers are received when AMD is elected. I myself am involved in Conversations with Betafoxtrot, MMH and the Irish government to learn what they understand the arrangement to be. At that point AMD’s Government was pursuing a rental arrangement.

We are told ”Up until last month, the United Kingdom wasn’t even receiving tax income as was informally accepted to be an Irish region”. This is a direct reflection of the “don’t say NI” approach prevalent before 2023, and was a surprising revelation for the Government and several members of Congress.

This cemented NI as being fully back on the Agenda but when Wingfield was elected his MoFA Gavin C. Mister misunderstood this as, us arranging to pay eIreland, and the issue was difficult to discuss as the Government began to distance itself from Congress.

October 2023

In October’s Congress Wingfield, then President, began a discussion on NI in which he asserted it was the eUK’s, and wanted wider views before coming to any decision. This followed from AMD’s info handed to Congress that Ireland refused to accept it was an eUK region, and Armenia (then the occupiers of NI) had reassured multiple eUK CP’s that it was happy for us to do whatever we wanted with the region.

This was reiterated in a Government report. It also correctly reiterates any agreements as having expired, but falls short of giving specific instructions or positions regarding the region.

Across the Oct-Nov Congress session, distance placed between Cabinet and Congress and disruption by Congress’s favourite disruptors created a challenging environment to discuss anything in, and the NI conversation was not resolved or thorough and no proposals were formulated or voted on. Then as now, the prevailing view was that the fate of eUK cores should be determined by the eUK; this is shared by most parties.

(Frustration would be voiced later on that a RW was triggered without prior say so by the CP or Congress, albeit permission to RW has not been established in eUK custom/rules/battle etiquette).

November 2023

In November Wingfield’s second term began declaring discussion with the eUK Congress on NI as over. The ‘final word’ had been given on the matter. Two days later on 09/11/23 a RW was started, triggered by members of the public and 4-6 TRS members.

In the first instance there was sharp criticism from the Government against those who triggered the RW, but it rapidly changed its stance when North Macedonia, then occupying NI, signalled that this was OK (they had said in advance they would have no problem). Within three hours the Resistance war orders were to fight to liberate the region. Some rogue elements in the eUK rejected this, perhaps reliving some of the wild spirited fighting that tarred treaty efforts back in 2021. However, most of the community rallied around the effort and helped free the region.

The Government later released a statement supporting the liberation, and much libations were had.

March-April 2024

eIreland contacted Huey who passed their message on to Congress. The essence of the message was, ‘can we use that region for a TW? Remember we can invade you so presumably you will let us’*

*This has been shared publicly so I assume there’s no problem sharing it here.

Huey at this point did suggest a vote to tell him how to respond, the first time arrangements for NI have been voted on since 2021, and months after the RW which took place. Another reminder that those who suggest treaties were in place or agreements stood at the time of the RW are incorrect (but they know they are so don’t expect them to stop!).

The result was 18 voting not to discuss the matter with Ireland, with 5 voting to consider it.


Hopefully this is a useful record of arrangements between the eUK and eIreland on NI, and a record of when agreements expired/simply did not exist. It is very important, going forwards, that people have access to credible information. My intention is to help tackle disinformation spread on the topic by a particular eUK citizen. I know I have been over these points several times with them, but it does not appear to have stopped them. Now you know the factz!

Looking to the present, I am glad that such a strong majority felt it necessary to refuse to engage with eIreland’s gunboat diplomacy. Most Congresspeople felt that the region having been occupied for so long without getting anything back means we should not be in a hurry to arrange for the region to benefit Ireland, and we certainly shouldn’t respond to threats.

Thanks for reading!
Mr Woldy