Achieving goals in eRepublik 101

Day 6,017, 09:22 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by max7upp


For the last few weeks my eRepublik activity went down a bit, more IRL activities that required my attention and with the #SpringBreak event I have decided to do something about it. For me, achieving personal goals in the game is my motivation to keep playing the game.

First objective for some time now was to get to level 400, I don't research the reward ahead as this makes it more interesting and keeps me going. The gold, the CC, medals, etc.. meh! Don't care that much about it any longer.

Second objective was to get to another Military Rank, Legends of UK - my play style was and still is military focused. It is getting harder and harder as the damaged required is quite high - also, started to enjoy Air Battles more nowdays.

The last and most important objective was to get as much damage as I can in one battle using all the resources available.

And here are the results in Day 6017, May 11 - 09:10 eRep time:

1. Level 401, soon 402
2. Legends of United Kingdom: FragUK Battalion III with nearly half way through the next military rank
3. Over 100bn damage in one battle As a side objective to this, I have surpassed my previous PP record and managed to get to 146,156 Prestige Points

This still keeps me in the game, not sure for how long as some objectives are very time consuming and are now harder to get to but, until I have exhausted all the resources I have - just keep playing the game!