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Day 5,956, 01:18 Published in Hungary Hungary by taleum
Update - Day 5,963

Now it seems that prices will be updated on a weekly basis.
This time the change was not announced in advance.

Here's this week's price list, again we have to pay slightly less products for most of the items.

I will not publish a new price list on a weekly basis...

Old vs New prices

click for big size sshot

Special thanks to Maximalus for the help!

By the way, Daychange will happen one hour earlier for a while.
On the Day 5,953 Plato informed us about the coming Vip Shop price adjustment on Day 5,956.

Some players were surprised to hear this, which surprised me, because it was announced on the first day that this would happen from time to time (adjustment of prices, items,...).
Some people do not seem to read my articles carefully enough. 🙂

That means we have from now on (after 81 days) new prices.

Many people wondered whether everything would now become more expensive or whether, on the contrary, we could buy things cheaper.

Let's look at a comparison:
Old vs New prices

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How it looks on the graph:
Old vs New prices

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The price of items (x2 Damage Accelerator, Simple Energy Bars, Double Energy Bars) you can buy for gold has not changed, but everything else costs less products than before.

x5 Damage Accelerator costs few cc more than earlier.

I think prices are and will be adjusted to the gold rate.

I expected that a few items will be cheaper, but not everything.

What will you buy in the shop, will your shopping habits change with new prices?

Special thanks to Maximalus for the VIP Level 9 screenshot!
Finally, let's take a look at where we are today if we had been active every day and not spent money on packs:
We will reach the next level (7) on the Day 5,966. Means, in 10 days.
Do you think you can afford that?

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