[Speaker] Newly Elected

Day 4,000, 16:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Speaker of the House

Congress has elected a new speaker, to replace someone who erm I can't remember. Anyway, the speakers chair has been fumigated of the smell of death and someone brought out a new bottle of mineral water.

And so we have another Pirate Cat Party member in a position of power, elected by the active people of the country; Clearly a party of trolls, unable to take responsibility.

I have a well defined view on the role of Congress and the Speaker of the House. Having done the role before for a few terms. However, I've matured somewhat from an idealistic naivety, such as expecting to drive through reforms on the unwilling - imagine walking a goat on a leash.

Congress should be allowed to work out of the public light, to work through it's issues, and tbh most don't want or expect to be bothered with the minutiae of day to day congressional discussion or the lack thereof.

One of the most pressing issues that effects us all, both in eRepublik and rl, is the issue of censorship. One group winning BAMN, secures the battles for the sake of the campaign, when newly introduced calls for censure fall squarely upon them.

Censorship of ideas takes different forms:
1. The use of authority - plea to admins
2. Attrition or devolution to obscurity - volleying 'yay' & 'nay'
3. Identity politics - ad hominem attacks
4. Associative Slander - Party or group affiliation

So I make a plea to each intellectual to realise that it's far better to let a comment you don't agree with remain in print, than to report it and have it hidden. A hidden comment can't be discussed, it can't be challenged. The job of the thought police will be done once nobody remains to think thoughts, but the job of intelligent men is never over where new ideas can be brought forward and debated openly. Evil comes from the actions of people seeking to implement ideas, not from discussion itself.

As of now, thanks to the tireless efforts of a congress member, we have two sequences of two digits that have become illegal for members of the game to use. This has been shown to effect everyone using them regardless of where moral superiority may fall, or the context. Many, like myself, would until this week (and possibly still) not have actually encountered these digits. An educational article will follow...

I would ask that all congress members reading this article:
1. Having read all the article
2. Have a beverage of your choice, pref. non alcoholic (less said the better)
3. Take five more before thinking about if and what your response is.

Congress works, when people of differing viewpoints come together for a common good, not as a battleground to extinguish one side.

Thanks for reading

Speaker of the House
Michael Ludgate
PP Pirate Cat Party