[Speaker] ATO Upheld

Day 4,270, 02:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Speaker of the House

Parliament has considered how best to handle the group of players known for their PTO activities. Led by AJ and MG with assistance from Jeremy Corbyn. The Speaker after hearing some were considering relaxing our position and welcoming the PTO group into the reformed parliament sessions, felt this was neither in the best interest or supported by the majority. In order to arrest the potential for such a decision to be taken via the side door, the Speaker raised a proposal to consolidate support for continuing the current course of action.

ATO Congress is currently made up of 30 members, with the addition of the Speaker casting a vote when the house is split. One vote was cast against the Speakers proposal. Thus less that 5% of the vote support engaging and pandering to the requests of the hostile PTO group, whose primary membership is comprised of the ever renaming party, Dead Rabbits and any party they control exclusively. It's worth highlighting that the single vote against the consensus was cast with provisos for close monitoring, not to be seen as an open ticket.

Citizens who wish to integrate and be accepted by eUK, with a very real opportunity for political activity in congress or cabinet, please leave the PTO group. They lie and seek to destroy eUK for their amusement, interest in you doesn't extend past your vote. You are welcome to join any of the other eUK parties.

Speaker of the House
Michael Ludgate
PP Pirate Cat Party