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Day 4,266, 03:18 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Speaker of the House

Congratulations to those few that have officially taken the handful of seats available with our limited congress due to ATO. It's been a few months now since parliament has sat. However regular communication between a working group established by former CP Huey George and continued by the current CP Sam Rhodes.

It's the job of congress to provide an effective counterbalance to cabinet, represent the country proportionally through it's parties and provide access to open government. This is not achieved by having a handful of members. Thus with the Speaker being reinstated this month, I'll be opening congress membership to those people under the national assembly and as I deem appropriate to be involved. This change of policy applies only for ATO partial congress and is an executive power.

Congratulations for the continued dogged success of PTO players, I hope the gold won is some small recompense for being associated with those that continue to attack eUK. Members of Dead Rabbits, and otherwise parties controlled exclusively by PTO players will be excluded along with PTO members who win congressional seats by infiltrating other parties.

Infiltration is inevitable, it is the responsibility of congress to ensure their efforts are continually frustrated.

For those citizens not already aware, for much of the time parliament has been closed, several key figures have worked tirelessly to ensure democracy and freedom from a foreign powered PTO attempt is thwarted. Of particular note are WayneKeer and Keithunder for corralling votes to thwart PTO aggression.

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Speaker of the House
Michael Ludgate
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