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Day 5,893, 10:38 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Speaker of the House

Good Evening eUnited Kingdom,
as Speaker of the House I’m here to make a detailed report about what happened in the Assembly in the last period.
As you may have seen, the national wall has been largely used so that’s why I decided to anticipate this report in order to help all the nation to better understand what happened.

Before saying more, a little step back: Congress has some guidelines that helps bringing on the political affairs.
If you are curious, you can read them here.

In the last period Congress has spent a lot of time discussing about the freedom of vote of a Congressman and about its responsibility.

The starting point has been when some Congressmen started to vote “No” as form of protest to all the donation laws that were proposed upon Government’s call.
These laws are necessaries to move currency from the National Treasure to the different Organizations that are used to finance every aspect of the British life (donations, battles, help programs and so on).

After that some donations laws passed with an important number of NO, an issue was raised : if someone votes no to these important laws, useful to the wellbeing of all the nation, can we think about excluding him/her from these donations?

So this proposal was made:

"Excluding from donations from a certain organisation, congressmen that vote NO to the relative donation law.
The ban is considered void if in the next donation law, that CM returns to vote in favour of the donate.
If for two consecutive times the votation remains no, the cm is excluded from public distributions from any national org for a period of one month. The application of this proposal has to be made by the government."

Example: if a CM votes no to a donation law for the bank of England, that cm won't receive funds from national programs coming from that org.
If in the next votation (to any national org) the cm votes yes, the ban is retired. If the cm votes no for one other time, the ban is extended to donation from all national orgs for a period of one month.

As you may know, a proposal needs two sponsors before passing at discussion and then at vote.

While the proposal was still pending because it was still in need of one more endorsement, a second proposal was made, that immediately reached the two sponsor cap and that then was put in discussion and vote before the other one.
Here it as presented :

"In order to safeguard the freedom of expression in Congress, and to prevent individuals from pressuring Congresspeople to vote in any particular way, the line "Congress members may vote how they please on proposals" shall be included in the Congress guidelines."

This second proposal had some important not written consequences:
-freedom of vote is always granted;
-only electors on the 5th and the 25th of the month can judge the work of an elected CM;
-no proposals can be done in future if they limit the freedom of vote of a cm.

What happened next?
The second proposal about the freedom of vote passed with 12 yes, 7 no and 1 abstained.
This made the proposal “about cm responsibility in donation laws” void and dismissed.

While discussing about what mentioning above, one other issue was raised : one of the two sponsors of the first proposal resigned from Congress while that proposal was still pending.

So Congress agreed about adding also this specification to the Congress guidelines:

"Votes and sponsorships by a CM are valid only if that CM is still part of the Assembly when the votation ends/the proposal is put at vote".

Right now, Congress is waiting with great expectation the work of the new Government of cohesion. I would personally like to make my best wishes to Huey George, Militarista and all their team in order to inaugurate a period of political respect and politeness.
As far as the Congress will like to have me in this role, I’ll try to do my best to help anyone is in need and to coordinate the activity of the Assembly.

Thank you all for your trust and your attention,

Citoyen Vigneron
Speaker of the House