[Rough Riders] CP Primary and Oficial Press Release Feb23

Day 5,555, 16:03 Published in USA USA by Zur1en
Greetings to you all

We had a Primary inner Election with all possible options open (party candidate, supporting another candidate, not supporting anyone, etc) and, among all the internal suggestions, launching shefutzu as an internal candidate was the most indicated one.

Although he says that his main goal was not to be president this month, as it is always safe to have at least 2 good candidates, we will launch his candidacy according to the majority party's will!

shefutzu is someone known to all of us especially for his phenomenal work as Minister of Defense in recent terms, but not only! He is someone respectable but also respectful, responsible and firm in his decisions and, as a party, we think not only that he is a great candidate, but we are absolutely sure that, whether now or in a future opportunity, he will make a great president!

Rough Riders will cast their vote of support and we hope that eUS citizens vote for what they think is the best option for the country!

We are with you shefutzu, but above all, we are here to help whoever wins the elections, because the most important thing is that we are all for this eUnited States of America!

shefutzu for POTUS!

No more for the moment, thanks for reading
God bless you, God bless the United States of America

On behalf of the Rough Riders party, The most chill political party in the eUSA
Best regards

[Rough Riders] CP Primary and Oficial Press Release Feb23