[Rough Riders] A Refreshed Outlook!

Day 5,942, 15:46 Published in USA USA by Junkrat
[Rough Riders] A Refreshed Outlook!
~ Junkrat | Day 5,942 of the new world

Good day fellow eAmericans!

As someone who usually publish articles for a broader eGlobal audience, It’s an honor to do my first, eUS-related article as a newer member of Rough Riders family.

At Rough Riders, we have had our symbolic logo from the first day, with our values engraved on it. Our 6 core values was, and will always be the measurement against everything we do, and every action we take:







In an attempt to remind ourselves, and our country of what we made of, what we believe in and what we strive for, we decided to upgrade and refresh our logo. We gave it a new, modern and improved look, while keeping the symbolic aspects of it exactly the same. Well, when it comes to design, i can’t help myself but improve things! xD

Let’s celebrate our new look, and refresh our brotherhood for a better country.

New Logo, New Outlook!

Join Rough Riders now if you feel like you are aligned with our values and principles.
We don’t want to mention that we are the #1 eUS party with good support system for our members as well.

Yours Truly,
A Rough Rider.

Don’t forget to read and support Storming EwokJedi candidacy article for next term presidency.

Enjoy the Junkrat’s theme song…

…This message may or may not have been composed by my rat…
…Hakuna Matata!