[MoF] - Finances Summary - Mid October

Day 5,812, 10:00 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England

Introduction of the "Live" MoF Finance Report
Live Version of the MoF Finance Report - This version of the report contains live links to some of the active MoF tracking data in this report so in theory should be easier to promote via a wall post for more regular access to the finance data of our country for our citizens to store and check the link when they want to access the data. The live version of the MoF Finance Report is in alpha (so a testing phase, so user feedback and bug reporting would be welcomed)

Finances Summary - Mid October in-game publish
October’s Tax Revenue Returns

October’s Donate Law Proposals

Core Government Organisation

Tax Revenue Returns Outstanding

Economic Support Scheme/s

eUK Relocation Programme

The eUK has 12 regions, which is great for hosting training wars with allies while offering citizens fantastic domestic opportunities to produce and sell products/raw materials.

However it is important to let new citizens know which our economic regions are - those that are safe to establish holdings in as the Government ensures continuous production in them.

We also need to support the relocation of existing companies from holdings in our “training war zone” to holdings in our “economic zone” when required.

*Economic Zone Regions - Yorkshire & Humberside, Scotland and North East of England
*Training War Zone Regions - South East of England, South West of England, London, East of England, East Midlands, West Midlands, Wales, North West of England and Northern Ireland

Latest Article - https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/euk-food-holdings-relocation-programme-2742572/1/20

Contact Huey George (Minister of Finance/Minister of Defense)

Training Ground Loans

Upgrading your strength buildings is the best way to earn income as it allows you to receive Super Soldier medals much quicker. A Q4 Weights Room & Q4 Climbing Center (without any contract training) earns the most money of any training/contract combination. Together they will earn you 13.38g/month (0.446g/day) after you pay for the daily training.

During promotional periods training ground upgrades are reduced;
To upgrade your Weights Room, Climbing Centre, Shooting Range or Special Forces Centre it costs 45% less for each incremental rise in quality.

The Government can support upgrades today with a loan of up to 10 Gold, to citizens to help them upgrade their strength buildings during the training grounds promotion.

Contact Huey George (Minister of Finance/Minister of Defense)

Help to buy Q1 Homes - New Players Only

The theory of eligibility is that if new citizens are working a minimum of 5/7 days then they'd be given the cash to buy a house. Theoretically with the overtime they would have enough to then buy the next house plus profit. With current wages and Q1 house prices the incentive to use Q1 house should require little Government nudging however it's still good to help.

Contact Huey George (Minister of Finance/Minister of Defense)

Bank of England Monetary Market Trust

As a reminder, the Ministry of Finance is taking advantage of the gold price on the monetary market by operating a Bank of England Trust for citizens and allies to invest in.

Eight citizens have invested into the Trust allowing the MoF to place monetary market offers from a number of eUK Government Organisation reserved for use by the Bank of England. The monetary market profits have been agreed to be split 60% to the citizens and the remaining 40% for the Treasury to reinvest/store in reserves.

Contact Huey George (Minister of Finance/Minister of Defense)

Monetary Market fishing Guide - Republish

Monetary Market (MM) fishing is not new and there are many fine guides, however here is a brief guide as a refresher and to introduce the concept to younger citizens who may not be aware of it.

At the current market rate it is most optimal for a citizen to invest £5,000.00 into a MM fishing. There is two reasons for this;
1) The current exchange rate for 1GBP has been 0.002 Gold.
2) The daily gold limit for most citizens is 10 gold.
Therefore the maximum currency you may sell at the current exchange rate is £5,000.00 for 10 gold.

It will take around 10 days for your currency offer to sell on the monetary market. This will give you 10 gold. It is worth noting that the amount of currency you sell can vary greatly, sometimes all the currency you put on the MM will be bought and sometimes you don't sell any. Offers do expire on the MM, however, any currency that does not sell is returned to you

Place this 10 gold onto the monetary market at the current exchange rate (around publications this was 1 gold for £101.00). This will result in the 10 gold selling for £10,010.00. Once you subtract your initial investment of £5,000 you will have generated a profit on your investment of £5,010.00 for minimal effort.

Currently an optimal return and a useful skill to maintain for the future.

Proposals for Congressional Consideration

The Government would like to consult with Congress and the wider public on an increased reward rate for the MoD Air Scheme and BAF - Q7 Weapons Reward Scheme.

Please see a range of options for both schemes Government has proposed for feedback

Your feedback is appreciated and will help the Government define a future proposal related to these player support schemes.

Further spend and review data to support option review

September Spend on MoD schemes for reference.

UK revenue Sources 30 day averages

Minister of Finance (Governor of the Bank of England) - Huey George