[MoF] Finances Summary for Sept

Day 5,799, 06:32 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England


The following report has been compiled summarising income and expenditure of Government accounts (not country accounts) over the past month. The lion’s share of money-movements is between ourselves and TW partners and within the MoD. MoD spending is not reported here as Rory is preparing a full report to be published by the Ministry itself.

It’s been a relatively busy month for the MoF incorporating new Training wars into the mega-spreadsheets and keeping an eye on the income (and so debt) levels fluctuating. A lot of time has been spent streamlining data capture and calculations and has flagged some small errors in handover docs which I’ve highlighted to Huey George so we are on the same page when running calculations (etc) in the future.

What follows is a list of money in and out of Gov ‘functional’ orgs - i.e. the ones used to run Ministries. You can see the balance of any Org, so if you want any links to view them just ask.



Congress donated the following during the CP term:

Bank of England received 7 Donates (2,800,000).
Ministry of Defence 1 Donate (400,000)
Department for Munitions 2 Donates (800,000)
The British Army 2 Donates (800,000)
eUK Home Office 1 Donate (400,000)

International receipts

The following was received from TW partners (occupiers of UK).


International Payments

The following was paid to TW partners (occupied by the UK), and concession parties (Spain).

Ministry Spending

The following was spent by Ministries in the undertaking of their duties:

Ministry of Entertainment (20,000 - Games)
eUK Home Office (520,000 - Giveaway)
Bank of England (360,000 - Congress Grants)
MoD et al - full report to be published by MoD.


Intra-Government Transactions

BoE to Strategic Command (700,000)
MoHA to MoEnt (20,000)
Legion (MM Org) to BoE (1,000,000 - for TW Costs)

Debt Position

This month we made sure to square debts at least once in the term, so as to make sure no more than four weeks of debt was owed from or to us at the point of handing the keys over. As has been reported in Congress, incomes for some of our TW partners have risen dramatically and as we return the income we receive from the rate of debt accrual is rising too. Congress has already approved on its end a payment schedule to make sure these can be paid off over the next four weeks following MoF recommendations.

The current pending payments are:

Our allies who owe us funds for the month have been contacted so monies should be arriving over the next 2-3 days.

All the debts accrued over the month relate to Training War expenses, and can be managed by the new payment schedule or by reserves, as well as 1,036,657 CC in Government accounts (excluding MoHealth). I have been reluctant to ‘dip’ into the reserves for this purpose whilst there was uncertainty about how Congress felt about reserve spending.

As mentioned above anyone can view the balances of an Org, so if you want to check in you can do so! If you’re not sure where to find an org ask myself or my successor and we can provide you with a link.

Thanks for reading,
Mr Woldy (MoF)