[MoF] eUK Rewards Advance Scheme

Day 5,779, 02:20 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England

Hello Citizens!

eUK Rewards Advance

The currency price has crept up and following a question raised in Congress we have blown the dust off the vault and see what we can do to assist anyone experiencing a cash flow problem. Through discussion with the MoD and President the Bank of England is offering an Rewards Advance.

In plainer terms, we will give you cash up front as an advance on your reward payments. The sum taken will be paid back via eUK reward schemes - i.e. you will not receive the rewards* but the GBP value of payouts you are eligible for will be taken off what you owe the Government. As this is an advance and not strictly a loan, it will be interest free.

*How this will work is detailed below.

How much can I get?

You can ask for a value between 50k and 300k (in 50k increments). This will be paid to you. The amount to pay in advance will be agreed between the applicant, Mof and MoD.

So how do I pay it back?

There are various schemes across Government that give citizens resources. The recipient of an Advance can pay it back via any Gov scheme. However, some schemes will have mandatory payback in place so that the money can be regained. This is set out below:

Christmas Air Programs - GBP Earnt on the Air Program will be used to payback the advance on a mandatory basis from October.

BAF Q7 Program - The GBP equivalent of Q7 weapons earned will be used to payback the advance on a mandatory basis from October.

Bounties & Hunt the Hunter/Open Season - Any GBP earnt from the bounty system can be used to pay back the advance on an optional basis. There will be an option on the claims form to offset any reward against the remaining sum.

MoHA/MoEnt Games - Any GBP earnt participating in eUK competitions can be used to payback the sum on an optional basis, simply record that as your intention as you play or let me know (Mr Woldy) once you have won.

Lump Sums - At any time the recipient of an Advance can pay off part or all of the remaining sum by sending us cash. Please message if you want to do so.

Other rewards - if at any point you receive GBP or items from the Government you may use it to offset your remaining sum (using the GBP equivalent if items and not CC).

For any rewards or prizes to be used to offset the amount owed you must meet all eligibility criteria (including CS) and have followed any guidelines for each respective award.

Update on eUK’s Debt Position

Since the start of the term we have been chasing money owed to the eUK and will shortly pay out what we owe to other nations. These debts are largely accrued via TW arrangements. This followed from a period of having my auditor hat on and going over the records to consolidate our data in one place and confirm actual amounts owed. The following table shows what has been paid by those nations who occupy an eUK Region:

My thanks goes to Betafoxtrot for chasing up foreign Governments for me. We are in the process now of confirming what we owe other nations (my audit hat has produced some large figures so these will be cross-referenced with records held by partnership nations). Our debts to others surpass 1mil GBP so on this occasion there won’t be anything to dump into the treasury for fun things once our debt position is consolidated. Where possible day 5770 is being used as a benchmark for pay periods so we can shift to a payment cycle that better maps to Presidential terms.

Thanks for reading,
Mr Woldy