[MoF] eUK Congress Grants (new players look here)

Day 5,792, 09:14 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England


Congress has voted to issue a grant accessible to you, the eUK public. I am putting my MoF hat on to manage the payments for them! Comment on this article to claim your cash. If you are feeling particularly needy then keep your eyes open for Ministry of Entertainment articles over the weekend where you will have the chance to win more and more and more cash!

Grant info

This is a 40k all-purpose grant. It is offered on the premise that some people may need financial assistance! If you are hard up in eRep then let me know and I shall point you to support programs and give you some resources, or make use of this offer which has been put together by Congress.

At the onset of the discussion Sir Humphrey suggested the grant be used for housing - general agreement was that it should be all purpose (we cannot know what you spend the money on after we have sent it after all!) but we do encourage you to check out the housing market and consider the benefits of buying a house. After all housing is a bit on the cheaper side at the moment, and houses help you do more!

The eRep wiki entry on Houses will provide you with all the enticement you need, but in short they boost your energy pool, make you recover faster, and allow you to accrue overtime points so you can work multiple times a day. If any of that sounds like it will be useful to you then buy a house! Once you own one, go to your storage and hover over it to activate it.

So in other words, a house is a smart move. They don't last forever though, so with the size of this grant you can even consider buying two.


This grant is offered on a first-come-first-served basis, however to ensure newer players have time to claim them, players who claim before next week (i.e over the weekend) who registered in the past 12 months will be paid first, and the remaining fund will then be paid out to other applicants based on the order they comment on this article.

The size of the grant specified by Congress is 40k and there they have approved an 800k fund. You don’t need a calculator to know that means 20 Grants, (pending any further funds coming forward over the next week). As such please consider if you need the grant or if you can take advantage of any other giveaway schemes before applying.

Happy claiming!

Mr Woldy