[MoF] - Budget (179th Congress of the eUK)

Day 5,757, 02:34 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England


For the attention of the member of the 179th Congress of the eUK.

Note on Donate Law Proposal Process, this term Government proposes a continued move away from using the Bank of England for all Donate Law Proposals towards a spread of organisations for improved transparency of the different spending and money transfer pots.

In summary this are;

Bank of England - Tax Revenue Returns and RCF concession returns
Department for Munitions - [MoD] British Armed Forces Q7 Weapon Rewards Scheme
eUK Home Office - [MoHA] National Giveaways
Ministry of Entertainment - Funded* No active schemes currently
Ministry of Defence - [MoD] Christmas Air & Air Cadet Programme
Ministry of Health - [MoHealth] BUPA
Strategic Command - [MoD] Training War Bounties

Proposed Budget

Ministry of Health - (Mr Immanuel Kant)
BUPA Scheme
No additional budget requests for the Ministry of Health
Budget Remaining - £1,165,856.44
Latest Article - https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/medical-monday-another-election-night-special-2771011/1/20
Spend Review - within articles

Ministry of Home Affairs - (Huey George)
National Giveaways
400k (1x Donate Law Proposals to the eUK Home Office)
Budget Remaining - £663,000.00
Spend Review MoHA - National Giveaways (Viewer)

Ministry of Defence (Select28 / Huey George)
[MoD] Training War Bounties, [MoD] British Armed Forces Q7 Weapon Rewards Scheme, [MoD] Christmas Air & Air Cadet Programme
No additional budget requests to the Strategic Command Org for Training War Bounties
Latest Article - https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-mod-training-war-bounties-reminder-2771649/1/20
Budget Remaining - £772,261.41
Spend Review - MoD - Strategic Command Bounty Claims

400k (1x Donate Law Proposal to Ministry of Defence)
Budget Remaining - £525,958.10
Spend Review - within articles

400k (1x Donate Law Proposal to Department for Munitions)
Budget Remaining - £271,034.59
Latest Article - https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-mod-british-armed-forces-q7-weapon-rewards-scheme-weeks-38-41-2771409/1/20
Spend Review - within articles

Money Transfers

To honour our tax revenue returns and RCF concession returns agreements

Bank of England (Huey George)
1.6mil (4x Donate Law Proposals to the Bank of England)
Current Reserve in Bank of England - £1,445,516.69

Day 5,757 to Day 5,787 (known transfer requirement 2,914,679)
£10,939 to Italy
£15,698.00 to Australia
£720,757.00 to North Korea
£84,367.00 to Egypt
£41,627 RCFs (Fish)
£2,041,289 RCFs (Iron)

Remaining a forecast of tax revenue returns to Italy, Australia and North Korea), Further RCF returns will be required mostly likely at the start of the next Congressional term however potentially sooner.

Proposed Weekly Schedule of Donate Law Proposals

gSheet of the above - here

Revenue Sources: Funding the Nation

Economy Indicator - Q7 Weapons Prices

Treasury and Organisations Summary as of Day 5,757
Treasury - £718,208.15
Bank of England - £1,445,516.69
Department for Munitions - £271,034.59
eUK Home Office - £605,016.01
Ministry of Defence - £525,958.10
Ministry of Entertainment - £401,050.00
Ministry of Health - £1,165,856.44
Strategic Command - £772,261.41
"Monetary Market" Orgs - £45,120,920.19

Minster of Finance (Governor of the Bank of England) - Huey George