[Junkrat] In The Praise of Fighting!

Day 5,968, 09:02 Published in USA USA by Junkrat
[Junkrat] In The Praise of Fighting!
Junkrat | Day 5,967 of the new world

In an interconnected eWorld of political communities, there is only one solution to increase activity:

CONTENT! (More specifically, a specific type of content. Keep reading to find out.)

Let me first elaborate on what I mean by "interconnected political communities eWorld." There are four key words:

1. Interconnected
2. Political
3. Communities
4. eWorld

Let’s start from the 4th and go up to the 1st one…

If you look at the eRepublik world from the top, the community structure is something like this:

↓ The eWorld
↓ Alliances
↓ Countries
→ Political Parties / MUs

The smallest form of communities, with a specific ideology or set of values, starts from Political Parties. Political Parties will then shape the eCongress and eGovernment. And then the governments plus congress will influence how the country and then alliances make decisions and operate.

Each of these communities has influence on each other. They work together, make decisions together, join forces, become enemies of each other, and so on. That is why they are interconnected.

They are also political, meaning they are all trying to grow, compete, and become more powerful. They are all trying to win elections so that they have more influence on making decisions for their countries and alliances.

Now, knowing all that, the question becomes:
How can we make the eWorld more active?

Simply by encouraging them to be more active?
No! That will not do it.

The communities have to have motivation to become more active.


We know two things about communities:
1. They have interests, ideologies or values.
2. Their objective is to grow, compete, and gain more power.

The only way to promote, debate, and talk in this game is through content/media. (Articles, Shouts, Forum Posts, Discord Posts, Congress Discussions, etc.)

But most of those communities, during the time of their playing, most likely talked about many different things. They are bored of the "usual normal" content.

Normal content doesn’t move them that much.

The only thing that moves communities in eRepublik is when they see their interests, position, values, or their power are in danger or under attack. They become active when they are provoked. When they feel the need to defend their beliefs and their interests.

The most active times, are the times when a country has a big political fight (or disagreement, not necessarily fights) going on between their parties, or a big battle versus a sworn enemy.

This means, if you want more activity in the game, you need to start from your country. And if you want more activity in your country, you need to produce more content and use media, and most definitely embrace and encourage disagreements and arguments! AKA Political Fights.

Start the war from home xD

Political fights means your country is active and healthy, as long as at the end you find a way to progress forward and don’t let the negative emotions get to you personally and affect you long term.

Enjoy the Junkrat’s theme song…

…This message may or may not have been composed by my rat…
…Hakuna Matata!