[Junkrat] Change Doesn’t Deserve You!

Day 5,944, 09:58 Published in USA USA by Junkrat
[Junkrat] Change Doesn’t Deserve You!
~ Junkrat | Day 5,944 of the new world

We always talk about new “changes” to make the game more interesting! More balanced wars… More balanced power dynamics… More changes…

But the holy question is…

How the fuck can we do that?
How can we lead a new change?

Before getting into the answer to this holy question^, let’s start with reviewing some basics…

Who Has The Power To Change Things?

We all agree that the most important, and influential entity in this game, which has the power to make the important decisions and change the course of things is the government. AKA Leaders, Country Presidents… (Ofc that is after Plato! Don’t be a fool now!)

There Are 2 Types of eGovernments!

In Day 5,941, at the moment of writing this article, there are 2 types of governments in the eWorld that i’m aware of.

1. The Passive Government
2. The Active Government

I’m going to explain what these 2 types are, what they do and why that is very important for us to understand it.

The Passive Government:

The Passive Government is a type of government in which trying to just “maintain” shit, with minimal ~ close to 0 ~ effort. This type of government does nothing other than running and maintaining TWs. The only goal of these types of leaders is to make sure their people have an infrastructure to farm, so they shut up and let them get their CP medal and 5 golds every month.
This type of government are usually old, established players that run from any kind of work and risks, at all costs. They are lazy, irresponsible and they lack accountability. But they love power and money. They want to maintain their power and influence, without having to actually play the game and without working for it.

Beware, they fool you easily and they always hide behind the words such as “neutrality” and “diplomacy”.
Every-time you see someone is using the N (Neutral) or D (Diplomacy) word, observe carefully to see if they want to fool you with those words or they actually mean it.

Another common characteristic of a Passive Government is lack of communications. Because why communicate when there is risk of people expecting something from them in return? Why bother at all? They got their fools voting for them already, without saying a single word.

Important Note ¹: I’m not suggesting a CP should kill themselves over a game. But the nature of this game is a Competitive, Hardcore Role Playing Game. You need to be responsible, and other people going to hold you accountable if you choose certain roles and positions.
It is also expected of players, to play the game actively, when they choose higher level positions. So if you choose a powerful role, without willing to put effort, and sneakily try to fool people to stay in that position without doing any work, you are no better than a cheater. You are an enemy of all.

The Active Government:

There are honorable nations in this game, which their governments simply cannot stay lazy and passive for a long time. The people of those countries are actively and consistently demanding their leaders to take action and play the game.

In such nations, it is simply impossible to stay in power for a long time, if you are a lazy mofo.

The leaders of those nations are not only actively playing the game, and leading their own countries, but they are usually the decision makers in their respective alliances, making plans and strategizing bigger plays, sometimes beyond a single country.

I don’t need to mention any specific country, as you all know who they are. And it doesn’t matter small or big, there are variety of different examples of such countries around the eWorld.

These are the kind of leaders we need for the changes we want!

The Problem That Stopping Us From Changing:

In an eWorld where majority don’t want to put much time and effort into building and leading new things, is it fair to say we deserve the current situation?

If a community/country is only concerned with farming and gathering and piling up gold like crows and ravens , who cares enough to build and lead a new alliance? A new community? A new mindset?

If all that a Country President has to do is to schedule Training Wars, and make sure everything is “safe”, how do we expect there be any changes?

In an eWorld where majority wants to be complacent and comfortable, Who the fuck is going to do the diplomacy?
Who is going to convince other countries that a new alliance should be formed?
Who is going to communicate with the people inside of the countries?
Who is going to write the alliance charter / organization structure?
Who is going to think about the values of the new alliance?
Who is going to work on recruiting new countries?
Who is going to poke poland to wake the fuck up?
Who is going to form and organize a new military?
Who is going to write those international articles?
Who is going to think about plans?
Who is going to strategize?

That is all work. Real work. And you will not get paid for that!
In-fact, brother and sister, you will get shit on night and say, by your own people, if you start to do something that is greater than interests of a single individual.

Are you willing to do the work?

Are you willing to start demanding better, more active and risk taking governments?
Are you expecting them to at-least have a simple plan when they run for elections?
Are you going to beat them up if they did not communicate their plans to you?


Stop expecting others to bring you more fun, more excitement and a better power dynamic for alliances. If you want it, you have to start with yourself.

✓ Be more active.
✓ Run for elections.
✓ Write more articles.
✓ Keep your governments accountable.
✓ Demand real wars, instead of just TWs!
✓ Bring up new, feasible ideas in your congress.
✓ Start fighting in real battles instead of only farming!
✓ Start taking sides in battles, and be more vocal about it.
✓ Don’t vote for Presidents who do not write articles & communicate plans.

This game is not a casual game. You cannot simply come here everyday, just farm and get off, but expect to magically see more excitement, fun and wars. Fun in this game does not grow on trees organically. You need to work for it. And it requires every government of every country to be more active and engaged in real stuff to be able to build amazing things together.

Also, if you are a younger player, which i know there are still some of you younger people around who like to become CP… Remember that no one will invite you to power, with a bunch of flowers. You need to TAKE IT!

Change does not come unless we change ourselves.

Disclaimer: if you felt offended by this article as a CP or government official, it’s not my fault you are a passive leader.

Enjoy the Junkrat’s theme song…

…This message may or may not have been composed by my rat…
…Hakuna Matata!