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Happy good news day, I am back with a purrfect pet edition of good news! Go mutts with some lovely uplifting stories emerging this week. Bone Appetit!

Cambridge cat comforts hospital children

A cat that made a hospital its second home has proved a great comfort to a teenager recovering from brain surgery. Amber O'Gorman, 17, was diagnosed with a tumour in March and has been treated at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

"A nurse told me about Henry, the famous ginger cat that hangs out at the hospital, and I made it my mission to find him," she said.

"It was so lovely cuddling him - he seems to suck up all the negativity and replace it with positivity. It felt like he was sucking up all the negative energy, and turning it into positivity."

She was allowed to leave the hospital on 22 March, just days after surgery.

Although the fluffy ginger pussy has a loving home nearby, he has been favouring the corridors and the foodhall of the hospital for years. A Cambridge University Hospitals spokesperson previously told the BBC: "Henry the cat is very much a character and does seem to have found a place in the hearts of many of our staff and patients.

Boat crew create on-board pets corner

In a small room on board a ship bound for Antarctica is a poignant reminder of home - a board covered with photos of pets. RRS Sir David Attenborough, which is operated by the Cambridge-based British Antarctic Survey, is bound for Signy so the team can close down its research base following the winter season.

In "pets' corner", she said, "we all put up pictures of our pets".

"This has really boosted morale in the office and helps us when we're missing home. It's almost like our pets are travelling with us. Binka is my cat and I miss her lots."

Nala's owner Natasha Ambler said it was "truly amazing" that her pet featured on board the ship.
The boat left the UK in October and has spent the season being used for scientific research and visiting the various stations as part of its logistics role. It is expected at Signy between 28 March and 1 April, after which it will head to the Falklands.

Police officer rescues dog days from death

A puppy that had been abandoned in a flat alone for a month has been saved by a Met Police officer.

Police were called to Tottenham, north London, a few days before Christmas last year after an abseiling builder spotted a distressed dog through the window of a 12th-floor flat. PC Joe Allen forced entry and found the Staffie cross under a broken bed frame. She was starving, surrounded by rubbish, and needed urgent medical attention.

Staff at the hospital said if she had not been found she would have had only three or four days to live.

PC Allen and his partner, Det Con Jade Peirce, have now fostered nine-month-old Stella with the intention of adopting her. Det Con Peirce sai😛 "She's been having princess treatment, getting fatter which we love because she was still so, so skinny when we got her.

"She's just so loving, so well-tempered with people, she absolutely loves other dogs.

PC Allen sai😛 "I don't think we could have asked for a better dog."

Another week of good news is in the books! I will leave you with a short clip from the lovely Bob Mortimer!


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