[GGN] #5 Owl Rescues, Good Vibes and House Heroics

Day 5,968, 03:30 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Garth Lidlington

It’s good news day! 5 weeks of good news so far, with plenty more to come. I hope you enjoy reading through these uplifting stories and if this made you slightly more positive about the day, feel free to share this with other people!

Chimney Rescue for Corpusty Owls

A chimney sweep has urged people to install bird guards after he was called in to rescue two owls that were stuck in a chimney. Darrel Cucu went to a house in Corpusty, Norfolk, after the owners heard hooting from their chimney.

He had to remove a woodburner before he could take a look, and saw the tawny owls' wide eyes staring back at him, as the Eastern Daily Press first reported. Mr Cucu managed to free both owls and they flew off through a window.

"They were a couple of tawny owls and they were staring at my camera when I put it up the chimney.” Mr Cucu said.

"They were literally staring at it - looking down to me.”

Asked how they might have ended up in this predicament, Mr Cucu sai😛 "They probably just fell in. That's a common issue and it happens often to birds."

He said the best way to avoid a similar mishap was to "fit a bird wire on to your chimney", which, he added, was especially important if the home's chimney was no longer being used and had been plastered over at ground level.

"This time, though, it was a happy ending."

Country Tunes to Combat Media Blues

Country music singer Jordan Davis has said people like him must play their part in helping to combat negativity. Davis was speaking following the release of his latest song Good News Sold, which is about how we would all feel better if there was less doom and gloom in the media.

"Unfortunately, I think we all live in a world where bad news sells. That one just kind of really sat with me, and it's almost like my wish, my hope, that going forward, we start focusing on the positive and not so much on the bad," he said.

Davis believes music and art are a useful antidote to the media melancholia - and enjoyed the synergy with The Happy Pod, calling it "the perfect fit" in helping alleviate some of the negativity in the news landscape.

Heavyweight Heroics Over Parents House Fire

While visiting his childhood home, former UFC Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer Mark Coleman was woken up by his beloved dog Hammer at 4:00 a.m. as the house was being consumed with fire.

Swapping his metaphorical championship belt for a cape, Coleman managed to run through the burning house and save his elderly parents before succumbing to smoke inhalation. Rushed to the hospital, he “battled for his life” until he was able to breathe on his own again 3 days later.

“I had to make a decision,” Coleman said about the house fire from his hospital bed, “It was already horrible! I couldn’t breathe!”

“I’m the happiest man in the world. I swear to God I’m so lucky! I can’t believe my parents are alive!” he said with tears in his eyes, after his daughters were allowed to see him for the first time.

The former champ’s adult daughters McKenzie and Morgan took unpaid leave to help Coleman recover, and they set up a GoFundMe to pay for his recovery and to help support his parents, who lost everything in the fire. At publishing time, $127,000 had been raised from friends, family, and fans alike.

Another week of good news is in the books! I will leave you with a short clip from the lovely Bob Mortimer!


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