"Elite" Air Squad

Day 5,985, 07:21 Published in USA Greece by Warrioir of Justice

Bom Dia meus amigos!

Disclaimer: The following content is purely fictional and not intended to insult, offend, or defame anyone. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. No harm is intended and any such occurrence is purely coincidental.
If you think you are this squad member, you should read the Epilogue very carefully.

What first comes in your mind when you hear "Elite Air Squad"? I bet you think this is well organized group of players.
Well not really

Or may be you could think there are group of high skilled players?

Well at least they are near unbeatable in Air right?

Again NO

What if i tell you that SOLO 2-click low level and low air rank player can take 9 Air medals absolutely easy within 24 hours? And most of the medals from their homeland TWs. I can already hear how you scream: "Liar" and your laugh.

You should turn on Benny Hill music theme if you want to check every battle(first was 3 days ago so it doesn't count, but last nines are fresh and tasty):

My favorite when so called "Elite players" lost 1vs2 on Portugal side:

But wait a minute, you can see in their squad well known Teirsuca3 and he is one of the commanders aswell. He definitely won't allow such fails.
Well i hope my smartest readers already know the answer: NO.
He cannot defend his own medal on his Homeland.

Epilogue: In the unpredictable saga of human life, there are times when we encounter adversaries that overpower us. Such foes may be too formidable for us to confront, their strength and tactics well beyond our personal capacities. In such scenarios, choosing to retreat is not a sign of weakness, rather, it is a mark of wisdom. Everyone should know their limits.
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