[№25] What can i do?

Day 5,989, 01:49 Published in Hungary Bulgaria by Bogdan-Halamydnyk
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You wake up and see a blue-yellow flag waving everywhere.
What should this mean?
To cut a long story short - things will only get better from here 🙂

For those who still wonder what they can do, here are few tips.

1) Boost current 100% food bonuses by relocating your production to Donbas, Ukraine.
2) Boost current 85% weapon bonuses by relocating your production to Sloboda, Ukraine.

1) Don't forget to enroll a vehicle for Ukraine in order to double you protector points.
In case you're missing a vehicle to enroll - you can discharge one from Hungary.
You won't need it anytime soon.
2) For those of you who already started fighting for Ukraine in our battles and wants to proof his loyalty to the new Empire even more - you can apply for Ukrainian citizenship and Ukrainian government will consider your application.
In case of success - you'll benefit from another x5 protector points on top of the previous option, reaching mindblowing x10 protector points, compared to current state of things!

That's all for now, but yet more to come!
Stay tuned!

Glory to Ukraine!