3rd Player joined the game

Day 5,295, 14:25 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by max7upp


As the battle TUP vs Pirate Cat Party continues, it seems the 3rd party has now joined the war! The No political activity joined in the battle under the pseudonym of Waynetta King, let's see how this epic event will change the history of eRepublik!

A short summary of the events:

1. max7upp joins the air battle for London with 32,800 dmg - the enemy has already a head start with a damage of 30,581, the influence is now back in favour of eUK and the points are going up without any issues.

2. buttertutter joins the air battle for London with a total damage of 35,178, the influence is still in favour of eUK, but reaches higher peaks.. although the points are earned the same. Mild shock, the enemy is still at 30,581 - I think they know this a losing battle on their side.

3. Waynetta King joins the air battle for London with a total damage of 36,317 - NO WAY! I think he is overhiting and he tries to take the SH medal from the opposite party. Even on the last minutes of the fight .. HOW DARE HE ! This is madness, this is .. eRepublik were medals are earned by highest damage ?

Contest: The first person that writes down the total damage the enemy dealt in this air battle wins 5k cc. I am not joking, I will send you the money, you have my word.

I have below two pictures of the events, I couldn't be bothered to do more.. one includes a graph and the other not. I see you like graphs and it also makes me look smart, funny enough this is not even made by me. (thanks eRep)

You can clearly see the 3 peaks in the graph were each player has engaged into the fight.

As a final word, I saw buttertutter overhiting a winning battle - should I be angry now ? Should I start shouting that his party is bad ? Maybe I should.. but I won't because someone else confirmed what I already knew, this a game where the highest damage wins.

We have no tools to stop this, there should be reasoning and respect between the members of the community in order to get it right.

Will it ever be ? I don't think so! This is at the end of the day an online game - the troll never ends.

I have nothing against buttertutter or Waynetta King, there is no reason for me to judge them or their political views. I would be very happy to see the political scene divided from the military field but this will never take place, not anymore.

Yours truly,