[Junkrat] Beware! PTO is happening in eUS!

Day 5,991, 17:11 Published in USA USA by Junkrat
[Junkrat] Beware! PTO is happening in eUS!
Junkrat | Day 5,991 of the new world

”Beware! PTO is happening in the eUS!”…

You heard that BS^ over and over again during the last month from BSP party members. Worst they didn’t stop at just being concerned about their party; but they started to accuse other people and point fingers at other parties / leaders for this “PTO”.

Like the previous accusations of theft(without evidence) was not enough… They wanted to add PTO to their mix of accusations, to make their “accusation without evidence collection” complete.

Y’all know what happened here, and don’t need my facts and figures… but what we see right now is:

They had exactly 44 or 45 members 1 month ago, and they still have that 45 members.

The guy that ran against Arrden, has exactly 0 votes right now!
And it’s impossible now to join as new members and vote for Cthulhu anymore…

I may argue a lot with people in this game on different matters. To me that’s the nature of the game. I try my best those arguments don’t affect me emotionally. I only hate ideas and mindsets, i NEVER hate people.

Even people of BSP may not realize that, but i secretly like some of them! Despite all the disagreements and sometimes harsh arguments.

But i firmly believe, if we let people — from any party — just easily roam around and accuse people of the worst possible crimes in the game, without any kind of evidence to back them up, that is a big problem.

People should know there are consequences if they accuse others just randomly.

I just want BSP to acknowledge, that what they are doing is wrong. Just roaming around accusing other people in the game is the easiest thing anybody can do. I know my friends in RR are so cool, they don’t even mention your accusations. And despite all that, they still working with you guys when the country needs it.

I may not be as nice as them. I mention it, so maybe, just maybe you acknowledge what you are doing is not right. And is not fair.

I don’t even need a reply here, i don’t want to argue, it will not harm me, it will just reduce the weight and value of your own words. Next time if your accusations are actually right, people will not pay attention to them as seriously as they should.

I hope you don’t find this message hostile.

Peace out o/

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