Diplomacy - Reborn

Day 5,987, 06:31 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Ancho The GOAT

Not gonna use any AI tools to waste your time, just a few words with my Eastern European level of English 😂

Dear eGreece,

Bulgaria is surrounded by Asteria countries and Turkey, surrounded by neutrals. This is a war game and for the good sake of our community we cant block ourselves and to fight only via Airstrikes.

Turkey and Chile were smarter, and went for neutrality without humiliation when BG had big determination in their cores, its nothing we could do about it. You should be patient and maybe try to do the same when the right time comes.

With two words (quote is from eGreece MoFA article):
Bulgaria is "committed to defending the interests of our nation and will pursue all necessary measures to ensure the prosperity and security of our country." 😂😂😂

Play the game and dont hate the players...

Kalimera, kalispera, sagapo magapas, ай