Thanks eUSA

Day 5,987, 04:34 Published in USA USA by Iamthedanger

Hello America,

It is my pride and honor to be elected as your President for April 2024. While this election was hard fought and close, I intend to serve as President to all citizens and work to serve you.

Our Minister of Education, Stef40, is in charge of the Danger Zone Delivery Program that provides 5000 Q3 food to players under level 200 and under Group Captain* on a weekly basis. This can help our citizens rank faster, have HP, and use it on the battlefields.
In terms of war coordination, we continue to occupy Croatia and be an Empire. Code is getting close to being entirely wiped off as an alliance, France is the latest country that has begun the process to leave Code, and Asteria remains completely dominant on the battlefield. This would not be possible without the help of our citizens, so thank you everyone.

I intend to serve as the President to serve you as eUS citizens. If you have any questions, comments, or queries, please shoot me a message.

With love and respect,