Rise of the Ewok

Day 5,942, 04:34 Published in USA USA by Stormin EwokJedi
My Fellow eAmericans!

In a twist of fate, I find myself composing an article I never envisioned writing. The landscape of our community and game has undergone profound changes, prompting a significant shift in my perspective. After thorough reflection, I am compelled to express my aspiration to serve as the next President of the eUS. My journey in this virtual realm commenced in 2009, affording me the privilege of witnessing each iteration of the game's evolution, with a particular fondness for its initial version. However, life's demands momentarily diverted my attention, relegating my participation to the periphery until my return more than three years ago.

Having talked with game friends in multiple parties, I’ve realized that for the next month, I’d truly love to put in the time, and learn more about the foreign aspects of the game (it’s been a long time since I was MoFA), and dedicate a month to helping the country. So few have stepped up to serve the nation in recent years. I’ve served as many roles in our government collectively over the last 15 years but this would be the next level of involvement and time commitment. I’m ready to serve.

I was proud to be part of the rise of Voots and Thee Dude seeing them deservedly win and serve as the Vice President. Likewise, I was thrilled about the arrival of Shefutzu into the national picture and gladly served as his Chief of Staff during his first term. I enjoyed serving Cthulhu in his administration as well when I was in the Fed leadership.

In these many years, I’ve spent time with so many different groups in this game. From starting in Seal Team 6 (Grey Warden’s Platoon) serving under Speedcat McNasty and Josh Frost to founding a party called the Bull Moose (a nod to the past with a wink to the present), Congressional WHIP in 2009, becoming PP of the USWP, and then leading a giant merger creating the APF with great friends from long ago. Upon my return years ago now I rejoined USWP at first until a Fed reached out who remembered me. Just that simple action led me to join the Feds and eventually be welcomed into their leadership.

After serving in the Feds for over a year, I had the desire to start something new again. The establishment of the Rough Riders stands as a testament to the power of collective effort and strategic collaboration. From its humble origins to its current status as the eUS's foremost party, the Rough Riders embody resilience and progress. I’m beyond proud of what we created and continue to serve in leadership along with our team.

I enjoyed the grind of becoming a XX Legend on Day 5,379 and keeping track of how long it took (less than 2 years). I did it because I wanted to be of use in ground fighting and see how long it would take a player to do it without farming all day. It took a while…but it is doable as long as you have a high strength. Otherwise, I like most everyone agree that going the air route is the best option. Thanks to those who gave me packs to speed up the process. This is all to say that I’ll be a fighting CP as well. I’ll use my account to assist our battles.

I know the domestic side of the game having spent 99% of my time playing in that arena. Today’s eUS has been guided by the same handful of beyond-dedicated players to whom we ALL owe a ton. The team of (Shefutzu, Dude, Voots, Owl) will continue to guide us in Foreign Policy if you elect me. Make no mistake though, I will analyze what we’ve been doing (knowing I have much to learn first) and keep the nation apprised of developments. It’s an easy task working with them as I have trust in their work and loyalty to our nation. I look forward to being in the mix once again.

Our current game needs more people to be involved or it truly is just run by the same handful of people all the time and the gap between them and the majority of sunk-cost fallacy players and casual players grows. I aim to close that gap even if by just a little. My friends in the admin are keenly aware I ask lots of questions and challenge them often in discord conversations. This will continue if I’m CP to have a more transparent government.

I will do media updates to our nation even if the update is “little to no news to mention” to keep everyone informed as time allows. I still believe this is critical to keeping the two clickers and casual players informed of what the die-hard players are up to. In Paul Proteus of the Feds and Shiloh of the SFP, I am privileged to count trusted allies, whose support augments my resolve. To all who harbor the slightest inkling of civic duty, I extend an invitation to join me in this endeavor. If you have any desire no matter your political party to serve the nation, I’m asking for your help. If you’ve never served, maybe now is a great time to serve your nation.

In the days ahead, a cabinet article shall be unveiled, alongside proposals designed to invigorate our congressional deliberations. For those who read the entire article, I thank you for your time and hope to serve you well in the upcoming term.


Stormin EwokJedi