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Day 5,940, 16:29 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by SevenKeylime
My fellow countrymen,

I am exceedingly glad and proud to announce to you the formation of the Helvetian Herald, a newspaper dedicated to the liberty and democracy of the common man. I would like to take the time to dedicate my first article to the introduction of this new platform.

The Helvetian Herald takes its namesake from the personification of Switzerland, Helvetia. She represents a unified Swiss state, more specifically the birth of the Swiss national identity with the founding of the federal state of Switzerland in 1848. It is this 'birth' of a nation to which I would like to draw the reader's attention.

It has come to pass, in times long since past, that the sovereignty and liberty of our dear Switzerland was usurped in the name of supposed security and unity. Those usurpers have made numerous outcries and exclamations that our nation is in grave existential danger. What else can I do but agree, my fellow countrymen? For our country is indeed in grave danger, but not from an external threat. No, rather it is so that our country is in danger from internal threats: corruption and the dissolution of our political and civil freedoms.

Why then do the very individuals who are making such an uproarious proclamation of danger and fear claim that such threats come from the outside? Truthfully, I tell you, they have presented no evidence that such threats even exist. Rather, I believe it is so, that it is those few who make such statements are the danger, usurpers of our democratic system. As I'm sure you, dear reader, are already well aware, these usurpers have prevented previous Swiss citizens from returning to their homeland. Why did they do this? Is it not so that they could maintain their grip on the Swiss government?

Recall again the symbolism of Helvetia, the birth of our nation. The Helvetian Herald uses this personification of Swiss values as the symbol of rebirth of our nation. It is high time that Switzerland was returned to her former glory, safely delivered back into the hands of the people. The Helvetian Herald calls for the rebirth of Switzerland. Know that there has never been a birth without the pains of labor. We see widespread decay of our national values: "But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pains."
Switzerland will emerge from these pains, renewed and reborn as a new nation.

As for myself, I am clearly a new player. While I lack the specific experience with eRepublik, I have much experience in geopolitical simulations similar to this. I am more than willing to hear new ideas, and I would be incredibly grateful for anyone who may correct or teach me regarding the workings and history of eRepublik. Overall, I care most for those around me and I wish to do all I can to aid the both nation and my brethren. I am staunchly against hatred and hostility of any kind. I sincerely apologize if my article seems in any way hostile, as that was not my intention. I do not wish to make personal attacks against anyone, I only criticize what it seems the current government is doing. If I am mistaken or have received improper or incomplete information, I would love to hear other opinions on the matters I have put forth, and am absolutely willing to listen to the opposition on these matters.
I wish everyone the best. I am grateful that you have heard me out for the duration of this introductory article.

SevenKeylime - The Helvetian Herald

~Libertas et Veritas~