eUSA population – July 2022

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Hello gamers. I’m here even today to bore you with my stats. This graphic represents the active citizens registered in eUSA every day of the month:

July registered a significant drop of population, even if not high as May.

Total balance from 1st July (1112) to 31st July (1076) = -36 people
Balance in % : -3 % of population in a month

Top day: 1st July = 1112 people
Low day: 31st July = 1076 people.

Yesterday, 31st July, was also the day with the lowest active population I ever registered from the beginning of my stats (almost 3 years now), so I can suppose it was also the lowest eUSA population day from 2009.

July mean = 1091 active citizens

The next graphic compares the American average monthly population calculated in almost three years of eRepublik:

The month has also the lowest mean of the last three years (then I can even suppose the lowest of the last 13 years).

This graphic shows the percentage of Americans in the world :

The Americans in 2022 show a lot of ups and downs between 3 % and 3.1 % of the worldwide population.

This is the graphic of the eUSA beginners:

The first bar represents the monthly mean of the citizens registered in eUSA in 2021. The other seven bars are the real new American citizens from January to July 2022: coloured bar represents the new registrations in a month, the yellow cap in every bar represents the citizenships approved by eUSA congress people.
In the year 2021, eUSA counted almost 179 beginners every month, and there were a bit more than 5 citizenship requests approved every month. In 2022 there are:
January: 176+5
February: 154+9
March: 192+5
April: 215+8
May: 175+7
June: 192+4
July: 139+11
Welcome to everyone!

The last graphic shows the votes in Presidential and Congress elections of eUSA, compared to the total active citizens.

Votes for presidents are in dark blue, votes for congress are in red, and the rest of light green bar represents the quantity of “active” citizens that did not casted a vote.
In July, 256 people of 1101 have voted for President, and 280 of 1083 have voted for Congress.
In percentage, the votes are the 23 % and the 26 % of the total eUSA population, showing again, like in almost all 2022, an higher turnout for Congress elections than CP ones.

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