[Rough Riders] Congress election results - Jan23/Feb23

Day 5,547, 07:12 Published in USA USA by Zur1en
Greetings to you all

Another congress election has just taken place, we would like to thank all those who voted for us in the elections as well to those, even outside our party, who trusted us.

The Rough Riders had 22 candidates (most in the eUS). Normally quantity is not necessarily quality, but that doesn't mean it isn't. Our activity explosion means that we have more good candidates than available seats, and this has left good candidates out. The Party thanks all the candidates who made themselves available to represent us in this noble role!

After checking the results, still fresh, we obtained the confidence of 25.34% of the voters, an increase of 1.94% from the 23.40% of the previous month. Translating into numbers, we had 74 voters out of 292 (the previous month there were 62 out of 265)

I will leave some illustrations so that you can draw your conclusions.
We can see that the WTP and SFP parties had a decline from month to month, the FEDs and the BSP had a small decline in December but rose again this month. The RR had a rise from month to month.
WTP has been losing votes, as well as the SFP. BSP and Feds, despite the slight decrease, again showed a recent increase, not only relative to the previous month but also relative to November. Rough Riders are showing a wonderful growing line!

I would also like to mention that during the 24 hours of analysis made by the game, the SFP party lost 2 votes and that was what made this article take longer, since it was already stitched together.

Let's pay attention to this image, which would be the lines if the country remained with 40 congressmen, for a better analysis.

We can analyze the number of seats occupied in congress. It is vast and clear: Feds kept the same seats, we can consider that they have had a neutral development, without significant decreases or increases that influence their seats. RR has been growing, causing a decline in the WTP in the same proportion as we can also see that the BSP took one of the places that belonged to the SFP last month.

We can summarize the last three months through the party trendline: WTP and SFP showing a decline, Feds showing Neutral development, and RR and BSP showing growth.

It should be noted that activity in the Media also ends up having a strong influence on these results. Some may say that the RR only wrote an article about the congress and other parties wrote several, but come on, it was Thee Dude: He fired a straight shot! and sometimes it's more than enough!

But in reality, the country elected 43 congressmen, not 40, and so these are the final lines. This 3-member increase represented an extra seat for Rough Riders, Feds and WTP.
That caused the WTP to recover a little from the downward curve into neutrality, the Fed's to transform their neutrality into a rise and the RR to accentuate their growth even more.

We therefore wish a great month for the 11 congressmen elected by our party for the January/February mandate, and they are:

1 - shefutzu
2 - Thee Dude
3 - Super Nova
4 - Stormin EwokJedi
5 - Leroy Combs
6 - Bomb Squad
7 - Zur1en
8 - Saber AbdAllah
9 - idna
10 - hcmadman
11 - Elena Claudia

We also wish an excellent mandate to the remaining 29 congressmen elected by the remaining 4 parties and that everyone fulfills their mandate until the end, thus responding to those who believed in them and to the party that made them their representatives.

Remember to comply with all congress rules! If in doubt, ask before doing is always a good way to avoid any possible problems. Also, please follow IES protocol on citizenship requests. If someone approaches you for citizenship, refer them to the application: http://tinyurl.com/eUSA-IES-Application

Please hold votes for Airstrikes, Natural Enemy, or Declarations of War unless directed to do so by someone from the government team.

We remind you that everyone is welcome in our constantly growing party, come and be part of the loudest voice in this country!

Here is a summary of resources available to all our members:

- Rough Riders Weekly Reload! Gives you the choice between 100k energy in food and 1000 Q7 Tanks or 100k energy in food and 75 Q5 air weapons.

- Hard Tack Tuesday! give us 400 Q7 Food

- Weapon Wednesday! gives us 400 Q7 Tanks!.

- FRIDAY PAYDAY! gives us 25K cc.

To receive it, just be a full member and comment on the feed posts on the respective days.

No more for the moment, thanks for reading
God bless you, God bless the United States of America

On behalf of the Rough Riders party, The most chill political party in the eUSA
Best regards

[Rough Riders] Congress election results - Jan23/Feb23