[Rough Riders] Congress election results - Feb/Mar'23

Day 5,578, 11:30 Published in USA USA by Zur1en
Greetings to you all

First of all, and even though this is not the main theme of this article, there has been a change in the ranking of parties by members since the last election. The Feds now occupy the first place to whom we would like to congratulate for the consistent work they have been doing that deserves such an achievement! The Rough Riders followed them into second (at least for now 😛) but both rises (in addition to the great effort of both parties) were also due to the fact that WTP dropped two positions, now occupying the 3rd place in the table.

But now moving towards the subject this article intends to address: Congressional elections.

Once again, like last month, the country elected 43 congressmen! There was a decline in general activity and, with the exception of the SFP, which obtained 1 more vote than in the previous month, all other parties dropped the number of votes, accompanying the decrease in general activity. Below is the usual table that gives us a more visual idea of what I have just mentioned.

Despite the general decline in the polls, constant work can be seen in all parties except one: we can clearly see a decline in terms of WTP progress that has been repeated over the last 4 months, in contrast, for example, to similar decline of the BSP which is offset by its constant and regular rise and fall. Once again, below is a graph that illustrates what we just said.

But all this is empty talk, the numbers can go up and down but only one thing matters in these elections: How many seats each party occupies in this honorable house that is the Congress of the United States of America.

The Feds managed to keep their 10 congressmen, reaffirming the rise they had made the previous month. The SFP returned to take the one seat that BSP had taken from them in the previous month, maintaining the balance in their constant lines of 4th and 5th classified. Sorry if it sounds like bragging, but that's not the point, I intend to be non-partisan in this analysis, but there's little left for me to do but show the values that are in front of everyone's eyes: Rough Riders continue their ascent, month after month and have succeeded this month elect 12 congressmen and WTP continues its decline which now drops to 10 congressmen.

Then an image so that we can absorb the information in a more visual way

All parties have ups and downs and everyone is worthy of respect! Today some earn and work more, tomorrow it will be the turn for others to show what they are worth, these analyses are not intended to criticise any of the 5, just to show the data in an easier way for everyone to see!

We therefore wish a great month for the 12 congressmen elected by our party for the February/March mandate, and they are:

1 - GonzoVeritas
2 - Vincent Garibaldi
3 - nayanda
4 - Samb1985
5 - Leroy Combs
6 - s1t9e8f2
7 - Blackgg1
8 - Secretary Clinton
9 - Super Nova
10 - shefutzu
11 - Stormin EwokJedi
12 - Zur1en

We also wish an excellent mandate to the remaining 31 congressmen elected by the remaining 4 parties and that everyone fulfills their mandate until the end, thus responding to those who believed in them and to the party that made them their representatives.

Remember to comply with all congress rules! If in doubt, ask before doing is always a good way to avoid any possible problems. Also, please follow IES protocol on citizenship requests. If someone approaches you for citizenship, refer them to the application: http://tinyurl.com/eUSA-IES-Application

Please hold votes for Airstrikes, Natural Enemy, or Declarations of War unless directed to do so by someone from the government team.

We remind you that everyone is welcome in our constantly growing party, come and be part of the loudest voice in this country!

Here is a summary of resources available to all our members:

- Rough Riders Weekly Reload! Gives you the choice between 100k energy in food and 1000 Q7 Tanks or 100k energy in food and 75 Q5 air weapons.

- Hard Tack Tuesday! give us 400 Q7 Food

- Weapon Wednesday! gives us 400 Q7 Tanks!.

- FRIDAY PAYDAY! gives us 25K cc.

To receive it, just be a full member and comment on the feed posts on the respective days.

No more for the moment, thanks for reading
God bless you, God bless the United States of America

On behalf of the Rough Riders party, The most chill political party in the eUSA
Best regards

[Rough Riders] Congress election results - Feb/Mar'23