[Rough Riders] Announcement on the upcoming CP elections

Day 5,522, 17:14 Published in USA USA by Zur1en
Greetings to you all

This announcement will be brief, referring to the presidential elections that will take place on the 5th and will decide the next President of the United States of America.

We had two options for debate: On the one hand there was the option of supporting the candidacy of the current Vice-President and former President Patanok launched by the Federalist Party and on the other hand support for the candidacy of Secretary Clinton, a member of our party with experience and knowledge in several areas as well as the will and activity necessary for the position.

We received a brief presentation from both that was used to be put to a vote by party members, in our feed.

From Patanok:
"I'm running for the position of President of eUSA in January 2023. My goal is to continue the stable trajectory that the eUS has been on for the past couple of years and continue to build on that. I'll have a strong focus on domestics, with more articles related"

From Secretary Clinton:
"First of all i know many of you hate/dislike Clinton but for your luck i'm not her just someone who likes her, now, about my skills i have been CP before of eEgypt, MoFA in eIreland long time ago and also a reporter i had many talks with so many CPs over the time here and with this way i got closer to so many other CPs and i also have a lot of ambition to try and prove myself in eUS. you won't like the way i will lead but i think i can bring something new and new face can be a start"

Patanok won the domestic primary election with a 70.59% approval rating leaving Secretary Clinton with a 29.41% support vote.

Our party is extremely proud of the work that has been carried out by the last governments and it's our directive to support a continuity one and therefore intends to support Patanok who, if elected, will go from Vice President to President , continuing the work done so far.

But we have to think about the mechanics of the game, we know that there can be unforeseen events such as Impeachment, Ban's and even things that we cannot foresee and that is why Party’s Leadership, in order to protect the country's interests and to give the United States a second credible and willing candidate who can lend a hand to this great nation in case of need.

In conclusion, even though we demonstrate support for Patanok's victory, for strategic and national security reasons, we will still launch Secretary Clinton's candidacy and through this, we also wish him all the luck possible for the elections.

A somewhat controversial and confusing decision, I know, but the game mechanics oblige it! Whoever wins, who really needs to win are these United States of America, and for that reason, may it be a great month of January for all of us!

I also took the liberty of adding links to the candidacy articles of both.
- Patanok for CP
- Hillary Clinton For President!!

Making it clear that this is the party's decision, and I am only its messenger,
Best regards
Zur1en, Spokesperson for the Rough Riders Party

[Rough Riders] Announcement on the upcoming CP elections