[Junkrat] How To Get ±100 BH Medals Per Week As a Newbie!

Day 5,896, 12:05 Published in Romania USA by Junkrat
[Junkrat] How To Get ±100 BH Medals Per Week As a Newbie?
~ Junkrat | Day 5,895 of the new world

This article was originally published in USA, But a romanian patriot TooDifficult asked me to publish it for romania as well 🇷🇴 With love!

Opening Junk AI poem:

In the town where junk is king,
A Rat named Junk, full of zing.
High on coke, with friends in tow,
Laughs and battles, putting on a show.

Junk Talks his way through the night,
Trash-talking, yet his heart is light.
In battles fierce, he takes his stand,
Fighting hard for his junk-filled land.

But amid the chaos, a heart so kind,
For newbies, he’s a guide to find.
With advice and care, he lends a hand,
Helping them grow, making a stronger band.

So in this town of chaos and fun,
Junk Rat dances until the day is done.
A wild spirit, both fierce and mild,
Embracing newcomers like a friend, not wild

In the last week, i’ve seen a handful of new comers to the game. All of which could use some BH(Battle Hero Medal) farming strategy to grow their wallets and up their gaming experience.

I’m sure there are similar articles being written before, but felt like a new one could bring some value to our eSociety.

How to get ±100 BH Medals in a week as a newbie?

Every week you get 70 fuels. Weeks starts from Tuesdays in eRepublik! You get +1 Fuel every day if you manage to complete your daily challenge.

That makes it an opportunity to farm 11x2 = (22) BH Medals per day. Thus earning ±44 golds per day in division 1 at the maximum.

Bare with me so i explain to you the details how to most efficiently farm those medals.

Picking Wars:

90% of the wars in the eWorld are TWs(training wars). Countries have those in agreement with each other, so they can fight and farm medals and share recourses.

In lower divisions, specially division 1 and 2, those training wars are usually pretty under-crowded. Some rounds even end up having no battle heroes.

So you want to focus on those TWs, to farm your medals.

Note: Avoid serious battles / daily orders when you are trying to farm. Serious battles are priority one for doing serious damage for your country. Not designed for farming.


You get 70 fuels each week. And +1 every day by completing your daily challenge. With each fuel, you can fight in both sides of the same round/division in a battle.

After you picked your battle, you want to look at the history of it to see which side should win it, and which side should lose it.

Managing your energy and experience:

Start fighting for the winning side, spending around 70 to 100 energy on the winning side. Then immediately travel to the other side and spend 50 to 70 energies on the losing side. So you make the wall fixed in favor of the winner, and nobody else need to hit it.

Note¹: you want to do as less hits as possible for these medals. So you save your energy bars, get medals with least amount of energy spent, and also manage your experience levels so you don’t get to division 2 very quickly.

Note²: You want to stay at division 1 as long as possible, to stay in an under-crowded division and farm more easily.

Note³: Also, being a good low division soldier is rare in eRepublik. Countries need low division warriors to manage their serious battles. That makes it another valuable reason to manage your XP and stay in division 1/2 as long as you possibly can.

Damage, weapons and bazookas:

You can easily manage to win the BH with 200 to 1000 damage done. No more needed. So don’t fight with your bazookas. Save them for a rainy day.

That’s again because division 1 is pretty under-crowded.

Note ¹: this is for when you want to pick a safe battle and go farm without competing for medals. Competition happens. And you may decide to use bazookas against bullies sometimes. But again, 90% of the times, if you pick right, it won’t happen. For the other 10%, you decide what you want to do.


With this farming strategy, you will have to do a lot of traveling, to be able to fight in both sides of the battles and find new battles as well.

Note: Make sure you use CC(Country Currency) when you traveling a short distance location. Only use travel ticket for longer distance travels. You can change travel settings in your profile.


Following that strategy, you will be able to farm 100 BH Medals each week. Now what you do with the earned gold will be up to you!

Let me know if i missed anything, or if you have any questions about it. So that other people can get as detailed information as possible and make the most out of their days.

As a lower division warrior, your damage is valuable to your country when there are real fights going on. Your division points can change the outcome of a battle. So while you are farming to grow your account, keep in mind that you are doing it to help your country win at the end of the day.

More on wars, and division points here. See you on the battlefield, comrade! o7

Enjoy the Junkrat’s theme song…

This message may or may not have been composed by my rat…
Hakuna Matata!