[DISCUSSION] Damage returns/tax rebate

Day 4,440, 08:51 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England

Afternoon again lads o/,

There was a brief conversation in mongress yesterday on how to get some sort of program going given we’ve not really done much with taxes for a while now outside the MM.

The debate seems to have ranged from land/air priorities to ratio per kill/dmg so cabinet have gone away and pooled a few ideas we could throw about.

To kick things off we’d like to discuss testing a system as basic as possible and after a week all come back again to try and recalibrate it fairly based on our rough income of ~450k a month.

Just to start how does a nominal 2cc/kill in both land and air sound? We'd almost certainly increase it later when we have a clearer idea of the spread.

We can go by data from the weekly leaderboards (that can be c&p’d into a spreadsheet thank god).

Similar to having to sign up to the RAF to get their weekly rewards we would probably ask you to sign up for this service too.

Should be a weekly balance published to help keep up awareness for others interested as we go along.

In terms of the BoE itself we sit on relatively comfortable reserves of over 7m so should be happy to test any decent ideas you have (if the other lads are happy with it).

Let us know your thoughts/how we can improve this/why it's a daft idea o7