[BoE] Register of Economic Interests

Day 4,601, 03:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bank of England

Morning gents o/,

Long overdue but we really ought to hit this on the head...

Contact us if your holding companies are not based in either Scotland for weapons or Yorkshire & Humberside for food. We will discuss your relocation costs with the new Congress after the election.

These 2 regions are protected by international treaty and we are prepared to compensate should you not be able to produce in them. We are unable to offer this for other UK regions owing to our training wars.

From the wiki:

"The cost for relocating a production facility is based on the value of the company and the distance between the two holding companies.

The relocation fee is paid in currency and varies between 5% to 20% of the factory face value (discounts do not apply).

The formula for relocation is 4% company value + 1% of value for each 1,000 km travelled, capped at 20% value.

The rate of compensation will be discussed with the new Congress but I expect it should be roughly near the full value.

If you could register here or post a screenshot of your production report we try will calculate how much you'd be entitled to.