Power Spin Statistic

Day 5,377, 11:54 Published in Ukraine Ukraine by driver sti

Hi to all,

Since June 2021, I have been recording all the prizes I receive from the Power Spin. In general, it was difficult to understand the statistics for all the awards, but since all the data is in Google Sheets, it was quite by chance that I came across the data visualization, which is kindly provided to us by Google.

The diagrams below will help you understand how the Plato algorithms are configured. It's likely that your stats will be a bit different. Although logging all the rewards is quite a tedious and time-consuming task, I encourage you to log your rewards as well.

In general, this data will not affect our game in any way, nor each of us, and you will probably find it a waste of time, but if you do like statistics and to rely on facts, then comparing our results can be quite interesting entertainment.

Link for sharing:
Power Spin Statistic (driver sti)