How to improve the economy for developing country?

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It depends the economic/social/political state of the country, what resources it has, and what it lacks.Most obvious way I can think of is to develop the country's infrastructure, and bring in foreign direct investment.

By developing the country's infrastructure; facilities, factories telecommunications, and distribution routes can be built to make the country's resources more accessible and/or usable, and attract FDI (foreign direct investment).

By attracting FDI into the country, foreign companies can invest in local workers. Foreign companies can help train and educate the local labour force and hire them. Thus creating employment and bringing in more money into the country's economy.
The characteristics of a developing country include:
a) a low per capita income
low literacy rates
c) high birth rates
d) a low life expectancy
e) an unusual distribution of wealth
f) an increasingly urban population
g) low rates of capital investment
h) little technology development
i) industries that are labor intensive
j) low wages
What is the relationship between developing countries and the industrial world?
Developing countries export raw materials and most of the work is done in the primary sector
Developing countries tend to import manufactured goods from developed countries
Exports of primary produce often experience massive price fluctuations, which lead to difficulty in long-term planning for developed countries.

What can industrialized countries do to help developing countries?

Industrialized countries can help developing countries through:

a) aid in the form of food, money, technology and education
trade (by giving preferential treatment and extending trade credit).

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